Cheers with ice cream: Café offers gourmet whisky-flavour ice cream

by Ashton Christensen
The "Cask whisky" variant and "Raspberry".

Olives, dark chocolate, herring, kale … and whisky.

These are acquired tastes that get better with age.

Whisky is one type of alcohol that is like a religion for enthusiasts. While others have the right taste palette, the rest of us cringe at the thought of the strong drink.

So naturally, we had a bit of misgiving when Kaffebaren in øgaden told us that in addition to their other delicious selection of gourmet ice cream, they also offer a flavor with whisky.

“Cask whisky” is a creamy ice cream infused with award-winning whisky from Stauning Whisky and originates from the ice cream manufacturer Kastbergs.

The company is known for its high quality and creative flavors.

Of course, we had to taste it.

So how does it taste?

We must bow down and admit that whisky lovers are on to something when they call whisky “golden drops.”

The blend of the velvety ice cream with an intense, dark flavor from the whisky is surprisingly delicious, and it almost tastes like a kind of caramel with a sharp edge.

There’s a sweetness to the ice cream that counteracts the crispness of the liquor, and the result is an incredibly delicious and fresh ice cream that’s perfect for a hot summer day – especially if you want to try something other than the typical caramel or chocolate flavors.

We should mention that the whisky has an alcohol content of 61%, and although we have no idea how much ice cream you have to consume before it becomes irresponsible to drive, remember to stay on the safe side and enjoy in moderation.

If you want to test your palette and taste the whisky-inspired ice cream here in the good summer weather, stop by Kaffebaren at Sjællandsgade 55.

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