Cheers!: Thirsty runners can join a beer run in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Staying hydrated is important in any sport – especially running.

Thirst can be quenched with water but others may have a different opinion when it comes to the Beermile event in Aalborg this spring. 

A beer every 400 meters

The Beermile concept is simple.  You run in a closed loop for 400 meters. 

So your goal will be to run four loops (or laps) equaling 1.6 Km, which is one mile. Hence the name ‘Beermile’. 

Some may agree that a mile is distance enough when considering their bodies’ ability and liver to manage the refreshing beer. 

Unlike other events, you must drink one beer before you begin. So each time you start a new lap, it’s kicked off with another beer. 

The event starts on April 14th at 16:30 on Honnørkajen. 

The price to participate is 30 kroner – and that includes the cost of four beers.

The last day to sign-up is April 12th. But you are more than welcome to stop by, cheer and enjoy the scene created by the beer-runners. 

One can only imagine how crazy the scene will become as 30 beer-runners compete against each other in the tight space.

There will be three groups of 30 people, but the organizers shared that if more are interested they can create additional groups. 

If you have a keen taste for hops then you might be interested in knowing that a classic Pilsner will be served.

But perhaps you prefer a Belgian IPA, a dark brew of sorts, then you can bring your own and compete on otherwise equal terms with the rest. 

The idea sprung from a December day in Kildeparken

The idea sprung from Jonathan Birk and his mate who attended the same high school.

“For fun we did a private event with a beer run in December for our friends. Despite a semi-cool December day in Kildeparken we still ended up being 40 people.

So we thought it might be fun to organize something and see what it could become,” he explains and adds:

“To begin with it is a small event, sort of like a pop-up stand, with little operating costs you can let people join in for almost no money.

But if it is a success, in the long run, we would like to create a larger event as a relay (team) format.”

If you have the courage and can go the extra mile, you can buy a ticket for the Beermile here.

It could be even more fun to invite friends, kindred spirits and family to cheer you on and giggle a little because the more spectators, the bigger the running party will be!

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