Chess on ice: Join the curling kick-off course at Gigantium

by Shellie Boudreau

Many of us tuned in to watch curling during the Winter Olympics held in Beijing, China. Some had the games playing in the background while working, and the interest in curling in Denmark is increasing.

You may have realized that curling is more than sweeping; it is like chess on ice.  Now there is a chance to learn how to play, starting with the basics, such as sliding on the ice and throwing the stone, not straight but with just the right amount of curl. 

Wednesday, August 17th, an all-new curling kick-off course will begin at Gigantium. The course runs on Wednesday evenings for eight weeks and is organized by Aalborg Curling Klub.

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Competent trainers ready to help

You will receive instruction by skilled trainers during a specially designed kick-off program, developed for beginners by Dansk Idrætsforbund (the Danish Sports Confederation) and the Danish Curling Confederation.

The training is built using fun exercises where you will learn how to throw the stone on ice prepared especially for curling.

The curling lane, known as a ‘sheet,’ is an example of the lingo you will also learn during the course. In addition, you will get proper instruction on how to get the stone to curl, knock out an opponent’s stone, and all the fun tactics involved with playing a game. 

By no time will you be talking the lingo and playing full-on curling against the others that started alongside you.

The course runs over eight Wednesdays, and Aalborg Curling Klub offers all the equipment you will need for free use. Even more, you will get special curling shoes (that allow you to walk on ice) which the professionals use when they compete. You can even pick out some fancy-colored brooms, and these are not the ones from your closet at home.

You are encouraged to sign up yourself or with some friends. Aalborg Curling Klub promises there will always be room on the broom for one more.

The course costs 500 kroner, and if you wish to continue, you may do so at no extra cost for the rest of the curling season.

If you go through the course with Aalborg Curling Klub, you can join in for extra practices and kick-off tournaments with other new beginners from different clubs until April next year – for free. 

Sign up by August 11th here.

Practical Info

Join in moderately warm and comfortable clothes as you will be moving around and getting some exercise.

Gloves (with fingers) and ski undergarments are also recommended. The temperature is approx. six degrees in the skating rink, but you will also be moving around part of the time.

Aalborg Curling Klub orders the curling shoes. Brooms and stones are freely available.

What: Curling Course (Kick-off for newbies)
Where: Aalborg Curling Klub, Gigantium, Willy Brandts Vej 31, 9220 Aalborg Øst
When: August 17th – October 5th from 19:30 – 22:10 (Eight Wednesdays) 

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