Christmas crafts and biscuit baking: Join a cozy Christmas gathering this weekend

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Archive photo.
Archive photo.

It will be filled with genuine Christmas spirit this weekend when Nordjyske Museer (the North Jutland museum) opens its doors to a charming Christmas gathering.

Here, Christmas is celebrated in the good old-fashioned way, where the stress, hustle, and bustle of the season are nonexistent.

You and the rest of your family can come together to experience what Christmas is truly about: coziness!

You can cut out traditional Christmas decorations and weave Christmas hearts, which you can either take home to decorate your own tree or donate to the museum’s Christmas tree.

The museum has materials and templates ready for you to weave hearts, cut cornets, fold stars, assemble garlands, and create other Christmas decorations.

Christmas is also the time of year when the elves are out and about, and you can also make fun tree elves with cotton beards.

Christmas biscuit baking and oatmeal ball rolling

In addition to Christmas crafts, there is also the opportunity to bake pebernødder (a traditional Danish Christmas biscuit), create cake figures, and roll oatmeal balls.

Enjoy Christmas stories about elves and old-fashioned Christmas in the cozy Aalborg room, dating back to 1602.

You can also write wish lists on an old-fashioned typewriter or with pen and ink, complete with a real wax seal – ready to be sent off to Santa Claus (or grandma and grandpa).

Meet the cigar makers

If you’re curious about how a good New Year’s cigar is rolled, you can join the event from 12:00 to 15:00 when retired cigar makers from C. W. Obel’s old Tobacco Factory take their places at the old work tables, which are usually part of the exhibition at the museum.

Here, cigars are rolled just like in the old days, and the cigar makers share anecdotes from their time at the factory, where they were among up to 200 cigar rollers, making it one of Aalborg’s largest workplaces.

Taste Renaissance glogg

As tradition dictates, the museum also offers free samples of Lutendranck, a fresh and spiced drink reminiscent of mulled wine from the Renaissance, which can be served hot or cold.

The word Lutendranck originally comes from Low German and means sifted, spiced wine.

The recipe for this Christmas drink dates back to the Middle Ages and includes one of the very popular spices of the time, namely grains of paradise.

Originating from West Africa, the drink was quite exotic and reserved for the upper class – and now, for those visiting the Aalborg Historical Museum this Saturday.

Participating in the Christmas gathering is entirely free.

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