Christmas parties in 2020: The best Christmas menus in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

NB These places paid to have information about how to order in the article. The list is in alphabetical order.

The year 2020 has been strange to put it mildly. Many events have already been canceled due to Covid-19, and things aren’t looking up in the immediate future either. 

This year’s Christmas parties (or, as it’s called in Danish, julefrokoster) are in the danger zone as well. For many, the annual company Christmas party has already been erased from the calendar.

But that just means that it’s even more important to gather privately with the people you already socialize with and can enjoy a Christmas party together.

The restaurants in Aalborg also need support more than ever since many of their bookings have been canceled.

We’ve gathered a number of great offers on Christmas menus that you can enjoy at home. Additionally, more and more restaurants are offering discounts on Christmas parties held in the restaurant.

Read on below.


Price: 795 – 995 kr per person 

Applaus offers a great evening in the restaurant. Here you may choose between three different packages, which all include 12 servings.

Contact info: or 71728181

Bistro V

Price: 195 – 395 kr per person

There are four options to choose from at Bistro V. Here you can eat at the restaurant or do takeaway.

If you are more than eight people, Bistro V recommends that you reserve seats before arriving.

Contact info: or 98164000


Price: 170 – 219 kr per person

Caféministeriet offers Christmas tapas as takeaway. You can choose between two menus: Christmas tapas deluxe, which includes 15 dishes, or the standard Christmas tapas, which includes 11 dishes.

Café Fløs

Price: 495 kr

Fløs offers Christmas on a board, which includes beer, water, wine, and Fløs’ homemade liquor ad libitum from November 13 to December 19.

Contact info: or 98165000


Price: 695 – 795 kr

At Dejavu, you can choose between two menus and two different open bar options. Soft bar or Hard bar.

Contact info: or 40304928

Duus Vinkælder

Price: 199 – 329 kr

Duus Vinkælder offers to host a Christmas party in the basement of Jens Bangs Stenhus. They offer a Christmas buffet for lunch and dinner every day of the week.

Contact info: or 98125056


Price: 169 – 259 kr

Fandanko offers two options for Christmas tapas. You can choose a luxury version with 11 beautiful dishes or the Christmas tapas piccolo with eight dishes where it is possible to buy more to satisfy those with a bigger appetite. 

Contact info: or 98162211


Price: 325 – 1090 kr

Restaurant Fusion makes it easy, practical, and safe to have a Christmas party this year.

They can host you in the restaurant, in private rooms, or in your own home with or without a cook. 

Contact info: or 35123331

La Bottega

Price: 259 – 359 kr

La Bottego offers a Christmas buffet in their restaurant and as takeout.

You must be at least 20 people to enjoy the buffet in the restaurant. This comes at the additional price of 100 kr per person.

Contact info: or 88626960


Price: 895 – 1095 kr

NAM offers a delicious Christmas menu, lovely wines, and cocktails.

The ingredients are festive but served with an Asian twist, which is their specialty.  

Contact info: or 25541010

Mortens Kro

Price for eating in the restaurant: 898 – 1498 kr

Price for takeaway: 338 – 398 kr

Mortens Kro is hosting their Christmas party with a Grand prix show. You may pick between three menus in the evening. On Fridays and Saturdays, they also have an additional menu with three or four dishes. Read here for more information.

Contact info: or 98124860


Price: 149 – 245 kr

MUMS… Great local ingredients, homemade specialties, and excellent quality are fundamental in the making of MUMS’ Nordic Christmas tapas. This year, they’re offering a Christmas menu with six or ten dishes. 

In addition to their select Christmas dishes, choose freely from MUMS’ Nordic tapas menu when creating your menu. The Christmas menu is available from November 1 to December 23, 2020. It’s always a good idea to pre-order. 

Contact info: or 98125017

Restaurant Menéndez

Price: 650 – 895 kr

Restaurant Menéndez offers lots of great choices inspired by different countries and regions in Latin America but with their own Christmas twist.

At Restaurant Menéndez, you’ll get an exciting and delicious Christmas menu with lovely wines and cocktails.

Contact info: or 93303773


Price 235 – 850 kr

At Scheelsminde, they’re doing everything they can to take care of their guests and to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Therefore, they have a limited amount of seats available for this year’s Christmas events. All companies over 20 people are seated in their own room to adhere to distance guidelines and assembly limits. They have also decided not to have live music for dancing but rather stereo music. Thus, more focus is placed on the experience of the food.

Scheelsminde’s big Christmas event 2020 takes place at 19:00 every day. 

Contact info: or 98183233  


Price: 169 kr

Simon’s has created a Christmas menu with something for everybody. Otherwise, there are lots of different dishes to choose from at a lower price.

Contact info: or 42248162 

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Price: 995 kr

Skagen Fiskerestaurant by Budolfi Plads is hosting a Christmas party on Friday, December 11, at 16:00. They’re serving a four-course Christmas menu, and there will be free wine, beer, and soda in the evening. A pianist will play during dinner and at 21:00, there’ll be live music. 

Contact info: 98903544

Søgaards Bryghus

Price 449 – 749 kr

On Fridays and Saturdays, Søgaards Bryghus offers a Christmas buffet with live DJ in November and December.

Contact info: or 98161114

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