Christmas-ready at Penny Lane: The honey cake bomb is back

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

You don’t need to make many trips to the city’s supermarkets if you suddenly have a craving for a classic honey biscuit from Karen Volf.

One of those little devils can be swallowed in one bite and fills your body and stomach with warmth and nostalgia – win-win!

On the other hand, it’s only for a limited period each year that you can upgrade the innocent honey biscuit with, let’s say, a honey cake on steroids.

If you visit the extremely popular café Penny Lane, that’s what you’ll discover in their display cases: a huge honey cake bomb that not only makes your taste buds dance but also takes you straight back to your sweet childhood.

The honey cake bomb is in high demand every year in the café when autumn arrives, and now it’s finally back.

“We quickly sold out the first day. It was flying off the shelves,” Oliver from Penny Lane says.

Double up on honey cake

The exquisite honey cake is made from not one but two delicious honey cakes, sandwiched with the finest apricot jam and vanilla cream, after which the delight is dipped in a generous bath of chocolate.

It might sound a bit sickly to some, but after trying the delicious cake in the office, we can only conclude that it is anything but sickly.

It has a perfect layer of chocolate that you first crunch through before your taste buds truly meet paradise.

Beneath the chocolate, you’ll find the most delicious, soft honey cake, perfectly complemented by the remaining ingredients.

The white center, the vanilla cream, gives you the feeling of eating a Christmas version of a milk slice… with an extra kick.

In addition to the honey bomb, the café also announces that their gingerbread cookies and vanilla wreaths are in the store – and that Norwegian “klejner” and mulled wine will soon follow.

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