Christmas treats in Aalborg: Here are 8 things you need to try in December

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re lacking a little something special to get in the holiday spirit, we suggest you eat your way through some of Aalborg’s best Christmas treats.

We know many of you are stressed from corona and Christmas shopping so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the right gastronomical experiences. Now all you have to do is follow our guide and fill your stomach!

Naturally, no one’s paid to be in this guide, and we’ve chosen the eight treats ourselves.

Candied almonds by Nytorv

The “Brændte Mandler” (candied almonds) neon sign is almost as iconic a sign of the coming Christmas as Salling’s characteristic Christmas lights – which you can coincidentally look at while you order your almonds.

The truck has been moved right to the center of Nytorv this year but everything inside is business as usual. You can buy the classic candied almonds, cashews, or different variations with licorice, chili, strawberry, and cocoa.

Additionally, you can also buy a selection of Christmas candy.

An irresistible Christmas burger

Are you more into experimental and modern Christmas rather than grünkohlessen, ham, and curry herring then you should try Grillen Burgerbar’s holiday burger, the Grill de Canard.

The burger is filled with juicy duck, a mountain of homemade red cabbage, crunchy pork rind, pickles, and Grillen’s own mayo.

A large greasy beast that we definitely recommend.

Gingerbread honey-bomb from Penny Lane

If you’re already a bit tired of Christmas, Penny Lane is the last place you want to go.

Like always, the café has gone all-in on Christmas, and upon entering their premises, you’re met by glittery curtains, whirling carousels, and Christmas elves in all colors and shapes.

Instead of chewing on their golden tinsel, we have another suggestion:

Their gingerbread honey-bomb is a safe bet for Christmas, and it’s a customer favorite year after year. The cake has just the right taste of the classic gingerbread cake and with plenty of buttercream and chocolate.

Churros by Salling

It’s not really Christmas in Aalborg until you can smell the characteristic smell of vanilla and candied almonds from the truck in front of Salling in Algade.

The truck is owned and run by Alexander Pedersen and Jesper Larsen, and they’ll be offering warm churros, candied almonds, licorice almonds, and hazelnuts until the 23rd of December.

On top of this, you can also feast on their candied apples, chocolate bananas, and hard candy.

The churros cost 35 kr, and you can choose different kinds of toppings from sugar to powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, jam, cinnamon, or our favorite: softice (+ 10 kr.)

Lavish Christmas food at Duus’ Vinkjælder

Beneath the historic vaults at one of Aalborg’s landmarks, Jens Bangs Stenhus, you’ll find a true institution.

Duus’ Vinkjælder has been around for a long time, and their Christmas food is still going strong despite corona. If you’re in the mood for large amounts of traditional Danish Christmas food – of course, homemade – then you should try their takeaway buffet.

The buffet contains everything from marinated herring to glazed ham, and medister sausage. It doesn’t get more Danish than that.

Klejner from the Othello Bakery

Most of us agree that we don’t count calories in December.

Maybe that’s why deep-fried biscuits are a clear winner every single Christmas.

We’re of course talking about the legendary klejner, and there’s no better version of them than the ones you buy at the cozy Othello Bakery in Christiansgade.

In addition to a spongy dough, which is neither too dry nor too oily, the Norwegian wonder is covered in the classic lemon frosting that compliments the cake perfectly.

Photo: Othello Bageriet

Christmas latte from Mabel

Christmas has really arrived at the lovely Mabel Kafferi on Boulevarden where you’ll be tempted by sinful cakes – some homemade, others provided by Surdejsbageren, and Nørre Aaby Bageri.

In the liquid section of the menu card, Christmas has also made an appearance as you can now order a so called Nisselatte (Christmas elf latte).

You get both the classic elements of the latte such as milk and coffee, but also Amaretto-syrup, whipped cream, and cookie crumbles from the best Christmas cookies.

A liquid round of Christmas will cost you 50 kr.

Behag Din Smags Christmas cheesecake

It’s the worst kept secret in town that Behag Din Smag brews the best coffee.

But they’re also on top of baking, and this Christmas they’ve presented a new Christmassy cake that consists of orange, blood orange, and a crumble of organic, homemade brownies.

It’s a bold and modern take on a Christmas cake: nonetheless, they can totally get away with it.

The cheese, which is the primary ingredient in the cheesecake, tastes like (hold onto your hats): Milk Slice!

We’re not sure how they’ve managed to hit the taste – one guess is a touch of honey – but it tastes incredibly good.


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