Coffee and sourdough: A new shop by the sourdough baker

by Ashton Christensen

The boat’s flowing well for Henrik Bruse – especially if you look at his vast sourdough empire.

Despite being in the city for a few years, Henrik Bruse changed and expanded his location many times. Also, the sourdough baker recently opened in Skagen with Henrik behind the wheel.

However, there is more news from the avid baker. Mid-June, he will open another shop where the sourdough concept can flourish.

This time, under the name “Coffee and sourdough.”

What you can find in the shop

The shop will be located very close to the bakery on Budolfi Plads and opposite the location where it all started in 2019. The last occupant of the site was Le Renard.

However, the new concept will differ from the “sourdough bakery” we know.

Unlike the bakery, where the focus is on delicious cakes and bread, the new shop will delve deeper into the sourdough world.

“In the new shop, for example, we’ll be selling a lot of baking equipment and flour so you can get started at home.

In addition, we will also be offering our popular courses, which we rarely have space for in the bakery now,” explains Henrik.

Henrik isn’t the kind of businessman who keeps his cards close and his recipes secret.

On the contrary, he dreams of passing on even more of his knowledge about sourdough to others so that they can experience the joy of baking the perfect sourdough.

“If you book a sourdough course with us now, it always has to be outside our regular opening hours and is limiting.

It won’t be like that in the new place because there is more room to be flexible – and accommodate more people,” he explains.

An exceptional cup of coffee

The dream of a new place came to be after Henrik’s many inspirational trips to Copenhagen, where small niche shops are very successful.

In addition to courses and baking equipment, there will also be the option to buy an exceptional cup of coffee – and perhaps sit in front of the shop, enjoying the sunshine and, not least, the view of Budolfi Church.

“We are one of the first in Denmark to get the Tone Touch 03-machine, which many call a game changer in coffee and tea brewing,” says Henrik.

What’s unique about the machine is that – using an iPad – you can tailor the brewing of hot drinks down to the smallest detail.

“It’s geekery at its finest, and you can taste it. In addition, we have the option to make many different types of coffee and tea, just according to the customers’ taste,” says Henrik.

Henrik & Co. are busy transforming the run-down premises into another little corner of sourdough heaven, and time will tell what comes next.

The shop plans to open in mid-June. 

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