Coffee, free WiFi and a cozy atmosphere: Here’s our guide to great study spots in Aalborg

by Aleksandra Kopacz

You can study together or you can study alone, but in Denmark study groups are the fundament of the education system.

You are learning from each other by giving feedback and discussing different things together, and this requires organizing regular meetings that can be either physical or online according to possibilities and preferences.

For me, the most efficient are physical meetings, and that raises the question: Where is best place to hold such meetings?

Of course, it can be at school, but it might be interesting to try something else. Change in the working environment might positively impact your creativity and productivity.

Improve your study experience by studying (either alone or in a group) in cosy – hygge – places in Aalborg!

Check out my ideas for study spots in the city.

Aalborg Library

Most of the students in Aalborg have probably visited the Main Library (Hovedbiblioteket) more than once. It is located in the city center on Rendsburggade 2, just next to the shopping center Friis.

As it is a library, it offers not only peace but also a lot of study materials available to borrow. If you need to optimize the process of finding the right source for your research, you can get help from the librarian – here you can book a meeting.

In the library, you can also print or scan your documents using the Princh app. A4 format is 1 DKK per page (black/white or colour); A3 is 2 DKK per page (black/white or colour); duplex costs double.

Besides, the library offers free Wi-Fi and access to computers.

If you play the piano and would you like to practice, this place is perfect for you  – you can find there a grand piano available for common use.

For its central location it’s a great place to meet with your study group. Most days the Main Library is open from 08:00 until 21:00.

If you would like to book a table for your study meeting you can call +45 99 31 43 00.

Photo: Aleksandra Kopacz

Study lounge in Friis

The study area (Studielounge) in the shopping center Friis is located on the first floor between Normal and Monki.

The place is very welcoming – there are a lot of flowers, motivational quotes, and some books on the shelves.

You can sit not only on the chair but also on a comfortable sofa or one of the armchairs. There are a lot of power stations and access to free Wi-Fi.

The place is usually not crowded, which is another advantage.

“Take a rest, flash your new dress from Envii, eat the snacks you have bought in Normal, enjoy time with your study buddy (…)” one of the signs says.

Espresso House

Espresso House is a cozy café with multiple locations in Aalborg.

Their coffee will definitely keep you and your study group awake during the study session. Besides, if you are stressed with your exam or a difficult project, I bet that their delicious muffins will help you to feel better and relax.

If you are a coffee lover this is a study place for you.

The opening and closing hours differ among Espresso Houses in Aalborg.


If you have never been to Kaffebaren until now, you should definitely try it!

It is another alternative for coffee fans. The coffee shop on Bredegade has two floors – the second one is more private and quiet, so I would recommend that one for study purposes. They’ve also opened another location on Sjællandsgade.

Kaffebaren is a student-friendly environment which offers easy access to many power outlets for your computer. Besides that, all students get a discount of -15% while buying there.

Take your student card with you and try their delicious ice latte with oatmeal!

The café is open from 8.30 until 17.00 every weekend, 18.00  from Monday to Thursday and until 19.00 on Fridays.

Studying outside

Would you like to make use of the beautiful autumn weather?

Then studying outdoors sounds like a good idea.

When the weather is pleasant, bringing a blanket and sitting on the grass is a fun idea. Take your materials and go!

Of course, you need to remember to charge your computers before and take care of the Wi-Fi (you can share a hotspot using your phone).

Østre Anlæg or Kildeparken could be the destination. If you don’t want to sit on the blanket, in Østre Anlæg there are some tables which you can find close to the fountain.

There are also many other options in terms of studying outdoors. For example, you can make use of the public tables by the Fjord or just go to the café (like Kaffebaren) and choose to sit by the table outside.

Photo: George Pak

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