Cold and rain on the way: The weekend will be a wet one

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Are you also feeling a bit chilly as you look up at the gray, unstable sky?

You’re not alone.

The good, warm summer weather is taking a siesta these days, replaced by cold air flowing in from the north.

This weather pattern not only brings showers and thunderstorms to Denmark but also lower temperatures.

For those dreaming of real summer heat and stable sunny weather, the outlook is unfortunately not promising in the short term.

Cold dominates the forecasts

The summer weather in Aalborg has already shown its changeable side over the past few days, and the weekend will be no different.

It looks like showers, sunbreaks, and cold air will dominate the forecasts.

The weather conditions are influenced by a low-pressure area north of the Faroe Islands, bringing showers and rain, preventing us from experiencing the summer warmth we had hoped for.

The weekend forecast looks as follows:

Friday begins with a mix of showers and sun.

The temperature rises to between 12 and 15 degrees with a light to fresh wind from the southwest and west.

In the afternoon, the showers increase, and local thunderstorms may occur.

Although the showers can be heavy, there will also be periods of some sun, which can warm things up a bit.

Saturday is shaping up to be the wettest day of the weekend.

A cold front passes over the country, bringing more widespread rain.

The temperature remains around 13 to 14 degrees.

Heavy showers can hit multiple times throughout the day, so it might be a good idea to have an umbrella or rain jacket handy if you plan to be outdoors.

Sunday continues with the same pattern of scattered showers, but with a few more sunny spells in between.

The temperature drops to between 10 and 13 degrees, and the wind remains light to moderate from the southwest and west.

Despite the showers, there will be periods when the sun peeks through, providing brief but welcome sunbreaks.

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