Collection for Ukraine: Store in Aalborg accepts clothes and sleeping bags donations

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

As a response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a slew of sanctions have hit the country, led by European countries and the US.

Businesses have also contributed: Denmark’s largest supermarket chains have chosen to remove Russian goods from their shelves while AKKC shows their support to Ukraine by lighting up their building with yellow and blue colors.

In the middle of all this, many regular citizens are wondering how they can make a difference. If you’re one of these people, here’s a concrete way of helping.

The store Friluftsland, which is known for its selection of outdoor gear and clothes, write that they’ve started a collection of clothes, footwear and sleeping bags for civilians hit by the war. They’re doing this in cooperation with their sister-company Naturkompaniet and the Swedish volunteer organization Filippus.

Donations accepted until March 6

Friluftsland in Aalborg is located on Bispensgade 26 and here you’re able to donate your things starting today, February 28, and until March 6.

The store writes on Facebook that they accept “jackets and pants, underwear, shell garments, warm outerwear, gloves, hats, socks, shoes, and sleeping bags. Friluftsland is paying for all costs connected to the transportation to Ukraine and of course, contribute to the collection with clothes and gear.”

They also mention that you can support economically through the many humanitarian organizations like Dansk Røde Kors.

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