Continues the success: Harvest herbs for free at two locations in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

Once again, Aalborg Municipality is continuing the success of offering people to harvest herbs for free in Vestre Fjordpark. They’ve set forth a giant curled parsley tower and herbs bed that you’re free to pluck from. 

“So you can garnish your packed lunch or barbecue with a free green sprinkle,” the municipality writes on their Facebook page.

Aalborg Municipality has a considerable focus on planting and installing greenery around the city, but that doesn’t mean you should bring home a bouquet. Instead, you’re welcome to pick from these particular herb beds.

This year you can harvest from two places

The curled parsley and other herbs can be found down towards the fjord at Vestre Fjordpark – and now as an addition, in Østerådalen, you can also find a herb bed at the information center. 

This green initiative will hopefully benefit the many allotment garden owners living in the areas – and otherwise, like everyone else, you are welcome to drop by and pick a green complement to add to your cooking.

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