Corona-friendly initiative: Aalborg church invites to “Fastelavn” to-go

by Shellie Boudreau

The cake stands in Aalborg bakeries and cafés are filling up with delicious fastelavnsboller.

If you’re yet to acquaint yourself with one of Denmark’s favorite holiday cakes, let’s break it down. Fastelavnsboller are traditional baked buns with cream and other fillings nestled inside, and they are served every year during “Fastelavn” (Shrovetide).

Fastelavn takes place on February 14, and usually, the streets are filled with children and youthful souls dressed up in colorful costumes.

This year, we have to wave goodbye to the big Fastelavn gatherings. Instead, we must think creatively about how to celebrate the holiday.

Vejgaard Church is approaching the holiday creatively by announcing their Corona-friendly “Fastelavn to-go” initiative.  They offer free treats to inspire the cozy Danish Fastelavn experience.

Goodie bags and good music

The church is making goodie bags, decorating, and playing sing-along family songs.

“Our organist, Laila, recorded fastelavn songs that you can find at lailamusikdk on YouTube,” the church writes on Facebook.

To join the music-filled experience and get a goodie bag, you need to register online. This helps the church know how many bags they need to fill with treats.

Naturally, there are limited amounts.

The goodie bag should be picked up between 14.00 – 17.00 on Friday, February 12.

“We take care of each other, and we would like to see adults or those over 12 years wear a facemask and respect the 2-meter distance if there is a line,” they state.

Vejgaard Church encourage people to show up in costumes.

Read about how you sign up here.

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