Craving a sweet summer?: Try these ice cream places in Aalborg

by Vera Dvorakova

Summer has officially arrived, and this week is promising a lot of warm weather.

If you want to cool down in the shade while you eat something delicious, how about an ice cream?

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best ice cream shops downtown.


Paradis is a Denmark-wide chain of ice cream shops that was founded in 2000 in Aarhus. Luckily, you don’t have to go to Aarhus to enjoy their ice cream: They have 3 stores right here in Aalborg.

Their ice cream flavors change every day, so you are sure to try something new every day. And if your sweet tooth is especially achy, you can get your ice cream served on a waffle or in a huge cup with chocolate, whipped cream, and either cookies or fruits.

Paradis also offers options for those who prefer sorbet and vegan ice cream over regular creamy ice cream.

You can find two stores in the city center – Algade and Reberbansgade – and one will be waiting for you to visit at the Storcenter, in Bilka.

City center: Algade 38 & Reberbansgade 28A
Storcenter: Hobrovej 452

Guf & Kugler

Guf & Kugler offers exactly what its name suggests: kugler (scoops) of delicious gelato ice cream and guf (whipped egg whites and sugar that Danes like to put on top of their ice cream).

This family business started in Nibe and made its way to Aalborg 5 years ago in 2018. The same year, it won the title of Denmark’s best ice cream shop in 2018!

Just like Paradis, its ice cream flavors change every single day and you can check out the daily offer on Guf & Kugler’s Facebook or Instagram stories to get excited about your visit in advance.

It’s possible to enjoy your ice cream in a cone, on a waffle, with or without guf, of which there are several types, and you can find soft ice cream as well.

You can also simply accompany your friends and family and get a coffee or an ice cream shake.

All of that can be eaten and drunk either to-go while on a stroll around the fjord, or at the store in Slotsgade, where you can also sit outside and watch people pass by.

Slotsgade 2


The youngest of our ice cream shop picks is IsVærftet, which opened in Aalborg in 2021. Its biggest attraction is that it offers Ryå Is – an award-winning ice cream handmade in Aabybro, just outside of Aalborg.

The ice cream flavors change often and are always sure to make everyone happy, whether you crave sorbet or cream ice cream, or even soft ice cream. Plus there are lots of toppings and different cone options to choose from. Even dipping your ice cream in chocolate is possible!

You can also try something less ice cream-y and go for some chocolate truffles or flødeboller.

IsVærftet is special in that it is open all year round, making it possible to quench that ice cream craving even in the coldest of winters.

It’s located on Stjernepladsen right across from BACO, so the customers can enjoy their ice cream in the sun on the plaza when it’s sunny or come inside for a cup of coffee when the weather gets bad.

Stjernepladsen 43

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