Crazy or geniuis?: Now you can try a tartlet burger in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

It’s no secret that Danes are crazy about their classic small tarts (tartletter) filled with a creamy chicken asparagus sauce and topped with tomato and fresh herbs. Picture perfect, one might say. 

Kronborg on Egholm has their classic rendition perfected and so does Café Guldhornene. From time to time, a tartlet festival is held and causes quite a stir in Aalborg.

Now picture what happens when a Danish tartlet meets a burger.  

You might imagine a few possibilities, but Wildebeest Gastropub has brought its vision into reality. 

This combination may sound terribly wrong, but it could be a total genius, and the only way to find out is to try it. Naturally, that’s what MyAalborg set out to do. 

In the kitchen, chef Jacob built our burger or bugartart or tartyburgar.

We could barely get a sneak preview from our spots and were left to our imagination as the chef worked on it.  Even Google couldn’t muster up a good image of the burger beast. 

Terrible or incredible?

Wildebeests’ new burger is built upon a classic burger bottom (baked by Othello bakery on Christiansgade) and topped with their own crispy classic tartlet shell.  

So far, so good.

In the middle, genius begins to unfold. Imagine a creamy combination of chicken, pickled cucumbers, fresh salad, asparagus, mayo, and estragon.  All of these ingredients are in a tartlet and a burger. The question is, how does this insane combo taste? 

Too much? You may consider looking the other way, as not all classics need a modern twist.  No need to get weird – right?.

The answer to that question was probably obvious from our faces as we took our first bite out of this insane combination. The combo tasted incredible. 

The creamy sauce is particularly noteworthy and was an ideal dip for our side of fries. 

According to an old proverb, ‘Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken,’ you could say the same here about the Danish classic, but to create is human. For  #tartletlovers, you won’t be disappointed if it’s at  Wildebeest Gastropub.

The insane combo tastes of classic tartlet but with a hint of burger at the bottom, and those pickled cucumbers and fresh salad balance out the cream. 

Hurry up – time is the limit!

The tartlet-burger is a limited edition and will, until further notice, be on the menu for two weeks. Time is precious, and who knows what new burger is being imagined for the menu by Wildebeest at this very moment.  

“But who can predict the future precisely? If this burger becomes a best-seller, it might carve out a standing reservation on the menu.

The burger may possibly make a reappearance as a slider,” says Heimir Gudbergsson, co-owner of the Wildebeest Gastropub.

Although Wildebeest Gastropub has two locations, one on Østerbro 12 and the other on Reberbansgade 16, the latter location offers the genius burger on the menu, starting now. 

The price is 139 kr.

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