Crazy or genius?: Make your own vagina jewelry in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Photo: Amalie Grauengaard / Coño Jewelry
Photo: Amalie Grauengaard / Coño Jewelry

It is almost becoming a fixed tradition that Kunsten invites everyone to their Summer Lounge event in the beautiful culture park beside the museum.

This year is definitely no exception. Kunsten is hosting 10 days filled with activities – from June 23 to August 25 – where we can look forward to an eclectic program with big musical acts and a heap of talks on various exciting topics.

The lounge will have live music, DJs, talks, pop-up events, street food from Brasserie Kunsten, and cozy times with friends on offer every week. That’s a whole new combination of music, foods, and workshops. Lanterns and torches will light up the park and the bar will be open.

View the whole program here.

When you read this year’s program, there’s one particular Summer Lounge that stands out a little – one that couldn’t not capture our curiosity.

Find peace with … your vagina

On Wednesday, July 21, Kunsten Summer Lounge presents “Soleima x Live String + Find fred med fissen”.

On this particular day, you have the chance to meet Emma Libner who is responsible for, among other things, the podcast and blog “Kh. Underlivet” (i.e. love from your pelvis), which is a conversation about the vulva, yoni, private parts, ladybits, pussy… or whatever you choose to call it.

The female body is still a political battleground – and the pelvis is still the subject of shame, guilt, and prejudice.

In addition to an exciting talk from Emma Libner, you will also have the opportunity to make a somewhat special piece of jewelry that day.

That’s right – it is possible to have your very own personal vagina jewelry made, designed by Amalie Grauengaard, who is famous for making such special vagina-themed pieces.

It is not yet described precisely how it will take place at the Summer Lounge, but on her website, Amalie Graungaard writes the following to describe her art:

“Coño Jewelry is my idea to create a personalized piece of jewelry. A piece of jewelry that involves participants in the process of creation. A piece of jewelry that becomes a dialogue between body, hands, and speech and which focuses on differences.

I want to create a piece where the customer is the story and that sense of meaning becomes embedded within the jewelry.”

The final jewelry pieces are a small silver cast that depicts only a small section of the vagina.

Soleima accompanied by live strings

In addition, we can look forward to plenty of good music from none other than Soleima.

The whole world pricked up their ears when they heard the characteristic and spellbinding vocals of Sarah Mariegaard who with her quirky and whimsical lyrics painted beautiful images that the audience could relate to.

As a soloist, Sarah Mariegaard – better known as Soleima – mixes her hip-hop background from Flødeklinikken with a more commercial pop sound.

In 2017, she really established herself as a solo artist with the singles “Breathe”, “Paper”, “Cracks” and “Low life”, where the two latter titles became the hit of the week on the radio channel P3. Last year she released the album ‘Powerslide’, which Gaffa praised for including “the holy trinity: Characteristic vocals, strong production and a sound like no other in our little kingdom”.

Soleima will interpret and perform her own songs in alternative versions together with a live string section, consisting of Live Johansson on cello, Karen Johanne Pedersen on violin, and Nicolai Kornerup on piano and accordion.

You have free access to the Kunsten Summer Lounge when you’ve paid for entry to the museum. So that means members of Klub Kunsten + Utzon always enter the Kunsten Summer Lounge for free.

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