Crisp croissants and dreamy cakes: New bakery sale has opened on Nytorv

by Megan McPhee Christensen

In Aalborg, we just can’t get enough fresh bread and cakes.

One micro-bakery after another pops up with delicious baked goods all over town.

Last autumn, we got yet another bakery – this time in BoShop where Git Becker invited you to visit På Fjorden.

Here you can get everything from fancy lunch dishes to good coffee and bread – and it’s precisely the bread that will be the main focus if you happen to pop by Østerågade 27.

As of Thursday last week, you can buy freshly baked croissants, delicious cakes, freshly brewed coffee, and, of course, croissant-ice cream directly from Nytorv.

Fantastic start

Bread is on sale from 9:00 and as a passerby, you’ll be tempted by the delicious scent of freshly baked goods.

“There will be two people down there to take orders and sell goods – and there will also be a couple of tables if you want to sit down,” Git explains.

The little bread sale has only been open a week and has already been well-received. In fact, they’ve sold like… hot cakes.

“It is insane – and really fun!” Git says about the opening.

Be aware that the bread sale is still in the start-up phase, and it will therefore continue to be adjusted as needed. You can follow along on På Fjordens social media to keep up to date.

You can of course still enjoy På Fjordens delightful treats in the cafe on the 1st floor.

På Fjorden at Frederikstorv

Git has fought a brave fight to get wind in the sails of På Fjorden.

Among other things, she has been at Grønttorvet (the farmer’s markets) at Frederikstorv on Wednesday and Saturday, and Nørresundby Torv on Friday the past few weeks – and she’ll continue to be there.

“We have employed two new bakers that will help Siggi with baking croissants and other goods, so we can keep up with the demand,” she tells us.

Among their selection of croissants, you will also find delicious new salty varieties. For example, a croissant with ham and cheese, and one made like a pretzel with salt.

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