Crowned as Aalborgs best sushi: Suzumi with a special new years menu

by Ashton Christensen


2021 is coming to a halt, and we tend to give the years’ end a good celebration by throwing a party on December 31st.

But what is a good New Year’s Eve without a top-notch meal to finish the year off in the best manners?

If you still haven’t decided on a New Year’s Eve menu, worry no more.

Suzumi has chosen to turn up the volume for the last night of 2021 by offering you excellent quality sushi.

Quality sushi at a celebrated price

The sushi restaurant, on Jernbanegade 2, is ready with a menu to satisfy every taste bud and provides an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

You have the choice between two menus. You can choose Menu A, which consists of 44 pieces of sushi + 5 pieces of sashimi for 399 kr.

If you happen to have a larger gathering on New Year’s Eve, Suzumi also has a solution for you. Menu B consists of 88 pieces of sushi + 10 pieces of sashimi for 799 kr.

“Once again this year, we’ve provided two New Year’s Eve menus perfect for celebrating the last day of the year and welcoming you and your loved ones into the New Year,” Sushimi promised when we asked them about this year’s menu.

The Aalborgians have spoken: “Suzumi has the best sushi in town”

Suzumi will get to look back on the year 2021 where the people of Aalborg supported their popular sushi restaurant.

The support has been so great that Suzumi has won the Aalborg’s Best Sushi award by the website OpdagDanmark, where users decide who wins.

“We are very proud of this recognition, and we are looking forward to ending the year in the best possible way by making lots of freshly made sushi for the people in North Jutland.”

You can order the takeaway New Year menus online right here.

You can also order menus by phone: 71922268 or e-mail: until 31/12, and pick them up at the restaurant by Jernbanegade 2, 9000 Aalborg.

Menu A

44 pieces of sushi + 5 pieces of Sashimi. 

Price: 399kr


– 8 pieces of Sunshine

– 8 pieces of Sparking Tun


– 8 pieces of Kataifi King

– 4 pieces of Alaska Roll

– 4 pieces of Asta Roll


– 3 pieces of Dyna Ebi

– 3 pieces of Big California


– 2 pieces of Flambéed Salmon

– 2 pieces of Shrimp Classic

– 2 pieces of Tuna


– 5 pieces of Laks Sashimi

Menu B

88 pieces + 10 pieces of Sashimi. 

Price: 799 kr.


– 8 pieces of Samurai

– 8 pieces of Sparking Laks

– 8 pieces of Hells Kitchen

– 8 pieces of Suzumi Aoli

– 8 pieces of Rainbow


– 4 pieces of Crispy Ebi

– 4 pieces of And Teriyaki


– 6 pieces of Dyna Chicken

– 6 pieces of Big Spicy Salmon


– 4 pieces of Cucumber

– 4 pieces of Tuna


– 4 pieces of Salmon

– 4 pieces of Eel

– 4 pieces of Tuna with Seaweed salad

– 4 pieces of Flambéed Salmon

– 4 pieces of Shrimp Classic

Mix Sashimi:

– 5 pieces of Salmon Sashimi

– 5 pieces of Tuna Sashimi


Order online right here.

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