Connect across cultures: Become a Culture Companion in Aalborg

by Ida Marie Middelhede

Are you an international in North Denmark and want to be a part of a multicultural group, who build small bridges between newly arrived internationals and the local international and Danish communities?

Then you should join the International House North Denmarl’s Culture Companions program.

There is no better way to learn about each other and the intricacies of life in Denmark than through good conversations and fun activities with people you know.

Culture Companions will match you with other hosts who can introduce you to ins and out of life in North Denmark.

The program also aims to create a larger, multicultural community of open-minded people in the region.

The program in detail

The Culture Companions program consists of different elements.

First, there will be a Kick-off Event, where you can meet your fellow participants.

There will also be individual activities, where you can coordinate your own meetings with your host/mentee.

The International House North Denmark (IHND) also organizes a few group events for all current and past participants.

Two months into the program, they will check in with all participants to make sure they’re enjoying their experience and to collect feedback.

After four months, your official role as a Culture Companion concludes.

They will send you a questionnaire to gather your feedback and improve the program.

Even though the official programme lasts four months, you are welcome to stay involved in the Culture Companions Community as long as you wish.

Who can sign up?


Anyone open-minded who has lived in (North) Denmark for a while and feels they can share insights about life here with a newcomer can become a host.

It doesn’t matter if you were born and raised in Nordjylland, moved here from Copenhagen, or are an international resident.

All you need is curiosity, the willingness, and the time to be an active member of the Culture Companions Community for at least four months.

Do I need to have specific knowledge?

We do not expect our hosts to have expertise in administrative or legal matters.

However, if you know where to find the best second-hand store, how to manage an umbrella in a storm, or the best route to the nearest beach, we would love to hear from you.

Anyone who identifies as an international living in North Denmark can sign up as a mentee.

We welcome both newcomers and those who have been here for a while and want to expand their personal network.

Feel free to sign up even before you arrive in Denmark.

Registration to the program

A new group starts the program twice a year, once in the spring (April), and once in the fall (October).

If you would like to participate in this program, you can use the sign-up form on their website. Note that the matching process may take a few weeks.

You can read more about Culture Companions here:

With questions, you are welcome to reach out to International House North Denmark: / +45 9931 1530

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