Delicious menu and wine tasting: Skagen Fiskerestaurant tempts with Winefight event

by Megan McPhee Christensen

It’s sure to be an extraordinary and different evening when Skagen Fiskerestaurant hosts a Winefight event in the heart of Aalborg.

The event is planned for Friday, November 27, at the restaurant on Budolfi Plads.

It will be an exciting and delicious event, which is hosted by Skagen Fiskerestaurant and wine suppliers Otto Suenson and Laudrup Vine.

Elect the best wine 

A terrific tasting evening is planned where the best wine will be chosen for every single dish.

This means that you almost get wine ad libitum, as you have to make it through 12 different glasses. A simply fantastic task for anyone who loves good wine.

Skagen Fiskerestaurant has really taken a hold on central Aalborg where they’re especially well known for their innovative events occurring several times a week.

They’ve initiated everything from Friday afternoon drop-in wine and snacks to live music. Now they’re having a Winefight event, which is on Black Friday so the city will be bustling with life.

This is how it will go down

You still need to wear a facemask when standing and moving around the restaurant but of course not when sitting down. All of the necessary precautions in relation to the Corona situation will also be taken on the night.

A glass of crémant and a snack selection will be served on arrival.

This will be followed by a 4-course menu where every dish will be accompanied by three carefully selected exquisite wines to taste.

In the end, the evening’s winning wines will be chosen.

WINEFIGHT starts at 18:00

The evening’s menu:
1 glass crémant and snacks

Salted salmon – quince – mustard seedsrye bread chips
3 exquisite glasses of wine

First course:
Lobster tartarJerusalem artichokelightly smoked egg cream
3 exquisite glasses of wine

Main course:
Turbotwinter cabbagemussel sauce
3 exquisite glasses of wine

Ris a la mande – cherry sorbetrum candied cherries – caramelized almonds
exquisite glasses of wine

Price per person: 995 kr for 1 glass of bubbles, snacks, 4-course menu, and tasting of 12 wines

You can book your spot right here.

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