Delicious news: Baker introduces fancy Shrovetide bun with Champagne

by Megan McPhee Christensen

We can definitely tell by our waistlines that we have entered January – also known as the “Shrovetide bun month” or “Fastelavnsbolle month” – here at the editorial office.

There’s already been a heap of Shrovetide buns (i.e. the seasonal buns made to celebrate Shrovetide – the Northern European carnival tradition) in Aalborg.

And Othello Bakery is of course also ready with their version of the sugary, cream-filled bun.

The baker on Christiansgade has already delighted us with their popular “brunsviger-fastelavnsbolle” but this time they are going in a different direction.

“We all know that strawberries and champagne are a classic so we thought ‘why not combine it in a delicious bun?'” they wrote on Facebook.

They have done just that and combined the two elements into a delicious pastry bun with creamy strawberry jam and a velvety champagne mousse.

A fresh and fancy bun

When we saw that the Othello Bakery was ready with something new we rushed off to taste it, and the verdict is clear: It’s a really delicious take on the popular seasonal bun.

The creamy strawberry jam adds sweetness to the fresh mousse and whipped cream, and it’s incredibly easy to get to the bottom of the pastry (but we’re also experienced cake eaters).

We are not sure whether the mousse tastes very much of Champagne – or sparkling wine – but it does not take anything away from the delicious  bun, which we would recommend for any occasion.

It is also beautiful with the golden dough, white mousse and a strawberry on top.

The Shrovetide bun costs  26 kroner.

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