Denmark reopens: These restrictions are now removed

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
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Archive photo

We are quite literally headed towards lighter days, and Spring is so close we can smell it.

We are luckily also headed towards lighter times regarding the reopening of Denmark, and as of Sunday another step has been taken.

Now more things have reopened.

These things have reopened:

Based on the Epidemics Committee recommendations folk schools, theaters, movie theaters, and a selection of other cultural institutions have now been allowed to reopen.

Zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and traveling carnivals have also been allowed to reopen.

This also includes museums, art exhibits, and activity centers.

Outdoor sporting events are also welcoming back spectators – they do however require that you have a ticket and sit down.

The common denominator for the reopening is that you’re required to show a valid corona-passport and that you wear a face mask or visor indoors.

Some restrictions are still in place

The nightlife is still closed until the end of January as are gaming halls, casinos, play centers, water parks, local halls, and reception rooms.

The duration of the corona-passport is shortened so it only lasts five months after second vaccine or previous infection.

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