Denmark’s biggest?: Aalborg bakery releases gigantic Shrovetide bun

by Ashton Christensen

They say size doesn’t matter.


When it comes to Shrovetide buns (fastelavnsboller) it earns an extra star if the pastry weighs close to 1 kilo. 

In 2022 we first saw GuldBageren Vestbyen’s giant baked goods (which weighed a whopping 1.5 kg), and they are definitely delivering again this year.

You can choose between five different flavours: Caramel cream, vanilla cream, raspberry cream, prunes, and raspberry jam with cream.

There’s enough cake for about six people in one carnival bun, but we won’t judge if you enjoy it all by yourself.

For everyone with a sweet tooth

We went for the raspberry jam version, and we could barely get through one piece; that’s how much filling there is.

The cream is very sweet so if you are drawn to cream and sugar, you will be ecstatic over this Shrovetide bun.

The jumbo bun costs 90 kroner.

Guldbageren states that they will sell the jumbo buns in the shop on weekends until ‘fastelavn’(Shrovetide); otherwise, it’s only available by order.

If you need more than one carnival bun, check out our helpful guide to the best carnival buns in Aalborg.

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