Denmark’s first: Now you can play padel in the dark

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Padel, padel, padel.

The rapidly growing sport has taken the country by storm, and many of us have tried our hand at this simple and fun game on one of the many courts in North Jutland.

If you’re looking for a real padel challenge, there’s a good reason to keep reading.

HimmerLand has teamed up with DGI and Padel in Denmark to introduce Denmark’s first Padel event… in the dark.

This innovative event will take place during the winter break on Friday, February 16th, starting at 15:00, making it one of the winter break activities at HimmerLand.

Padel in the dark is a unique experience where traditional court lighting is replaced with UV lights, music, and laser effects to give an entirely new dimension to the classic padel game.

Lasse Todberg, Sports Consultant at DGI North Jutland, is excited that HimmerLand has embraced this new event.

“You have to play padel in the dark because it adds an extra dimension to the game. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into a live disco with lasers, UV lights, and music.

It’s a unique experience that you can’t try elsewhere at other times, so now is the time to seize the opportunity,” Lasse says, continuing:

“It’s just great that HimmerLand wants to be part of developing new concepts, and I’m really looking forward to stopping by during the winter break to see the guests’ reactions.”

How to participate

Anyone can join Padel in the Dark, but to get the most out of this new event, players will be divided into levels 1-7, used to rank padel players. There’s also a category for juniors.

Kristoffer Nüchel Sørensen, Activity Manager at HimmerLand, is also looking forward to seeing the new activity unfold.

“We’re constantly looking at how we can develop interesting and fun concepts that appeal to our target audience.

Last year, we did night golf, which was a big success with golfers playing a round with glowing golf balls in total darkness.

It’s part of our strategy always to test new and fun formats, and teaming up with Padel in Denmark for this new format seemed like a perfect fit so that we could be the first to create it,” Kristoffer explains, continuing:

“I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from our guests, as we’ll then see whether it becomes an activity we should include in our activity program, which we have in all major holiday periods.”

Padel in the dark is played on double courts, and there’s a total capacity for 24 participants on each team.

If you can’t get enough of padel, you can also sign up for both padel lessons and a padel tournament under regular conditions during the winter break at HimmerLand.

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