Denmark’s first: Skallerup opens a luminous mini-golf course

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: Skallerup Seaside Resort
Photo: Skallerup Seaside Resort

Fluorescent mermaids, sunfish (Mola mola), squid and dolphins are ready to welcome guests in an imaginative sea universe at Skallerup Seaside Resort as they have opened Denmark’s first 18-hole indoor mini-golf course with blacklight.

The former course building at Skallerup Seaside Resort has been bustling as an artist painted in luminescent pain. The final touches are complete at the holiday centre’s new, large investment – the blacklight mini-golf course.

Here, in the dark, lanes, clubs and balls glow under UV light illuminating creative sea creatures in an underwater universe.

“The imagination has no limits, and of course, the theme is the sea because of our location. Blacklight mini golf is an enjoyable family activity where everyone can participate,” says director Jørgen Høll from Skallerup Seaside Resort.

Family activities are important for the holiday center on the West Coast, where many guests come in big family groups.

“A lot of guests bring three generations that want to have fun together, so we are constantly looking for new initiatives that appeal to the whole family. Here we have added an extra dimension so that it is not just indoor mini-golf, but an indoor sea-scape experience that tickles the imagination of young and old,” Jørgen Høll says.

The fluorescent mini-golf concept at Skallerup Seaside Resort is the first of its kind in Denmark and is a big hit in other countries such as Germany and the USA.

Den første i danmark: Skallerup åbner den vildeste minigolf-bane
Photo: Skallerup Seaside Resort

Focus on new experiences

Although several of Skallerup Seaside Resort’s activities have been partially closed down during Covid-19, the holiday center has been busy inventing new ones. In addition, a garden that stimulates the senses for 0-5 year-olds has been created, and an outdoor paddle court opened.

“We have to evolve all the time, so there is something new and fun when our guests return. Not too much change at once, so our guests do recognise the place, but enough to offer a new experience every time,” Jørgen Høll tells.

The new blacklight mini-golf course stretches over 500 square meters and could accommodate 40 people at a time under the restrictions when it opened on 8th of July.

Info about blacklight mini-golf:

Skallerup Seaside Resort is the first in Denmark to make an 18-hole indoor blacklight mini-golf course. Approximately 1.3 million DKK has been invested in the establishment, where the holiday center, with help from Erhvervscenter Hjørring and Erhvervshus Nordjylland, received support from Omstillingspuljen.

The mini-golf course offers an ultra-new experience as fluorescent UV lighting illuminates putters, balls and obstacles, underwater-themed art walls and ‘sea’ floors.

Info about Skallerup Seaside Resort:

Skallerup Seaside Resort is a holiday center with 285-holiday rooms and a center area with access to a water park, swimming pool, fitness center, Roman baths, sports facilities, activity workshop and playground, bowling, restaurants, supermarket, riding center and more. The resort is located five kilometres north of Lønstrup in beautiful nature right next to the North Sea and has existed since 1949. Skallerup Seaside Resort is owned by a foundation and has approx. 200 employees. Read more at

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