Despite a political slap in the face: Thomas Kastrup continues as mayor in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen
Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen

Socialdemokratiet had a terrible local election in Aalborg Municipality where they lost a total of five mandates.

Despite this slap in the face, Thomas Kastrup-Larsen will continue as mayor in Aalborg with the support of the political parties SF, Radikale, and Enhedslisten.

Venstre didn’t have the best election either and will lose two seats in the city council.

Konservative had the biggest progress and gained three new mandates where they previously only had one.

Thomas Kastrup-Larsen calls it a tolerable result.

“It’s quite alright and a tolerable result, and if we hadn’t gotten 48.7 percent of the votes in 2017 but gotten the result we have now in 2021 then we would have been happy and pleased. But of course, you’re not happy when there’s regression,” the mayor of Aalborg said to Nordjyske last night.

He points out, among other things, that the opposition against the third Limfjord connection has cost votes.

Mads Duedahl is the big winner

An even greater surprise took place in the election of the important post as head of the regional council in The North Denmark Region.

Ulla Astman from Socialdemokratiet lost her position when the liberal parties gained a single mandate more than the red parties.

Negotiations were ongoing the whole night and by the end it became clear that Mads Duedahl (Venstre) would assume the position as the new head of the regional council.

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