Do you dare?: Visit one of Aalborg’s scariest places in October

by Ashton Christensen

The autumn holidays are just around the corner.

On Tuesday, October 18th, and Thursday, October 20th, there will be plenty of opportunity for an exciting time in the streets of Aalborg … or below them, actually.

On Tuesday and Thursday during the autumn holidays, Aalborg Historical Museum will open one of the city’s most sinister and scary places: Rakkerens jailhouse

“Rakkeren” is a Danish term used to describe disobedient prisoners, witches, beggars, town rascals, and other petty criminals. 

Every half hour from 12.00 to 15.30. you can visit the mysterious dungeon.

Something special in Aalborg

Today, Rakkerens jailhouse is hidden below Algade just outside the museum and is not accessible to the public.

Originally, it was the cellar of the medieval west port, first mentioned in 1440.

However, it lost its function as a town gate in the mid-16th century, and until the 18th century, the cellar was used as a dungeon for so-called disobedient prisoners, witches, beggars, town rascals, and other petty criminals.

Hence the name: Rakkerenes jailhouse, which is still used today.

One of the museum’s guides will tell you about the history of the cellar, after which you will have the opportunity to go down and experience the old winding spiral staircase made of bricks firsthand and see the old dungeons.

How to get into the cellar

The duration of the visit is approximately 30 minutes.

The price is 65 kroner for adults, while children can visit the cave for 30 kroner.

An entrance ticket to visit Rakkerens jailhouse also provides free entry to Aalborg Historical Museum on the same day.

Please note that the visit to Rakkerens jailhouse is not suited for people with walking difficulties and that the trip down to the basement is at your own risk.

Ticket information here.

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