Easy access: Borgerservice moves close to the International House North Denmark

by Jana Müller
Photo: The International House North Denmark
Photo: The International House North Denmark

In a move aimed at enhancing convenience and accessibility for residents and expats in North Denmark, Borgerservice Aalborg has relocated their CPR registration to the same building and floor as International House North Denmark and SIRI from October 1st.

This shift in co-location brings various government services under one roof with the aim to provide a seamless and efficient experience for those seeking assistance with residence, CPR, and job search.

Borgerservice, the municipal citizen service center, plays a crucial role in Denmark by providing various services related to civil registration, residence, and citizenship.

The International House North Denmark serves as a valuable resource for expats and newcomers, offering guidance and support in navigating the complexities of settling into a new country.

On the other hand, SIRI is responsible for processing applications related to residence permits.

Benefits of co-location

  • One-Stop Shop: The co-location of these three services creates a one-stop shop for residents and expats. Whether you need assistance with residency permits, civil registration, or job search, you can now find all the relevant offices in a single location.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Physical proximity fosters collaboration between the different government entities. This collaboration can lead to improved efficiency, better coordination of services, and quicker resolution of issues.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Having Borgerservice, International House North Denmark, and SIRI in close proximity enhances the customer experience. Visitors can easily navigate the building, find the services they need, and receive comprehensive support.
  • Access to Information: International residents often have a multitude of questions about residency, work permits, and other matters. Having these services in one place means easier access to information, reducing confusion and ensuring that individuals receive accurate guidance.

The co-location of Borgerservice, the International House North Denmark, and SIRI in the same building is a significant step towards improving the ease of access and efficiency of government services in North Denmark.

This move aligns with Denmark’s commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive country for international residents and expats. Residents and newcomers alike will benefit from the convenience and services offered by this arrangement.

Read more about the International House North Denmark here.

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