Energy crisis: Large fast food chains are turning down the heat

by Shellie Boudreau

The burgers and fries will still be hot, but you may have to keep your jacket on when you visit Sunset Boulevard in the future.

Sunset Boulevard, the largest Danish-owned fast food chain, is now reducing electricity and heat consumption in all its restaurants.

The food chain announced in a press release. 

As a start, the main areas will be lowered by 2 degrees. This will help reduce electricity use, and other changes will be made in these areas and kitchens.

They say that the plan is carefully made and aims to reduce energy consumption for society without compromising the eat-in experience.

Less heat – without compromise

Der skal spares på varmen i offentlige bygninger, Coop vil skrue ned for energiforbruget i butikkerne og på hovedkontoret, og nu går Sunset Boulevard, der med 41 restauranter i Danmark er landets største danskejede fastfoodkæde, også i gang med at implementere en række nye tiltag, der skal nedbringe energiforbruget i kædens restauranter.  

Savings are being made by adjusting the heat in public buildings, Coop will reduce energy consumption in their stores and at the head office. Sunset Boulevard, consisting of 41 restaurants in Denmark, is following suit.

“It is obvious right now that we must investigate where we can reduce energy use without compromising the guest experience or working conditions in our restaurants. Even small changes can lead to significant reductions. As a Danish company, we must respond for two reasons. First, to contribute to the general reduction of energy consumption in society. Secondly, to save on electricity and heating bills. Our goal is to reduce our electricity consumption by 10-15% per year,” says Sunset Boulevard’s managing director, Jens Broch.

2 degrees down and more than 2.769 kW saved per restaurant

Among other things, the chain will reduce the heat from 23 to 21 degrees in the main areas and turn off selected spotlights. The result is more coziness and additional LED block lights in specially chosen locations. Further, new regulations on the fridge temperatures for soft drinks and implementing new procedures for lighting and equipment in the kitchens. 

Switching off spots alone is calculated to reduce the annual electricity consumption by 2,769 kilowatts per restaurant.  The reduction could lead to a total savings of approx. DKK 373,815 per year for the chain.

“We believe many small steps and a willingness to experiment with lower lighting and LED lights as part of an energy-saving exercise is the right direction. In this case, the lower lighting may lead to even cozier restaurants. However, the guest experience must be uncompromised. That is why we do not plan to set the dial to 19 degrees but rather try a 2-degree reduction as a first step,” says Jens Broch.

One of the cornerstones of Jens Broch’s leadership is to ’start somewhere’, seize opportunities and continuously implement the improvements that are possible here and now. 

Sunset Boulevard was also the first Danish fast-food chain to phase out disposable plastic straws with reed and wheat straws in February 2020. In October 2020, the chain was also the first to remove toys from the children’s menu to plant trees instead in collaboration with the Growing Trees Network in the Danish forests.

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