Enhance your #instafeed: Café presents the ultimate ice cream treat

by Ashton Christensen

The great weather is typically a good indicator that summer is finally on its way.

At Caféministeriet in Mølleå, they are blessed with a fantastic sun terrace and a dessert that can be enjoyed on it.

Recently, their menu has been updated to include the ultimate homemade ice cream stick that delights your taste buds and adds the perfect touch to your Instagram feed.

The wonder is called “Ice Cream Popsicle” and consists of homemade vanilla ice cream infused with raspberry, mango, ruby chocolate, and pistachio.

So how does it taste? 

Not only is it as stunning as the weather on a sunny day in May, but its taste is absolutely impeccable.

The ice cream is an incredible union of vanilla ice cream, fresh chunks of mango, and an array of delicious toppings.

With each bite, you can choose your taste combination from fresh mango puree, ruby chocolate, pistachios, fresh berries, and chocolate crumble.

Although the shape and appearance closely resemble a classic Magnum ice cream, the flavor is far from it. And believe it, that’s not a bad thing.

Caféministeriet’s ice cream is more refreshing than the heavy cream-based ice cream we are familiar with during the summer. The experience was particularly appreciated under the scorching sun as you were craving something refreshing rather than sweet.

Huge thumbs up from us!

The Ice Cream Popsicle costs 55 kr. and will be available on the menu throughout the summer.

Find the menu here.

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