Even more recycling gold: Two new swap boxes arrive in town

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

In April, the Swap Box opened in Aalborg.

Aalborg Forsyning is behind the Swap Box, which aims to make it easier to recycle more.

Here, citizens have the opportunity to exchange things with their neighbors – without spending a dime.

The Swap Boxes have been a great success, and now we can reveal that two new boxes have been set up in Aalborg.

In Rughaven, opposite Vivabolig’s Department 4, and in Drejøgade in Øgaden near banqueting room, you will find the new Swap Boxes from now on.

The new boxes work exactly the same way as the others.

But there’s also news.

Swap things with your neighbors

With the Swap Boxes, the goal is to prolong the life of items so that usable objects don’t turn into waste.

The boxes provide an easy way to share and exchange items with your neighbors. You can drop off things you no longer use but that others may need. And if you find something on the shelves, you can take it home – free of charge.

  • Swap Box 1 is currently located at Stigsborg – at the south end of Mobilitetshuset (P-house) at Limfjordsvej/Stigsborg Bygade Swap
  • Swap Box 2 is at Rughaven – opposite Vivabolig’s Department 4
  • Swap Box 3 is at Drejøgade – near the banqueting room

What can be dropped off in the swap box

The swap box is for items in good condition and should not be used for waste and bulky waste. When you drop off things in the swap box, they should be cleaned and functional.

Accepted items:

  • Items that are not larger than what can fit on a shelf
  • Items that can be transported without aid (e.g., without a wheelbarrow and pallet lifter)
  • Cleaned items
  • Fully functional items – not broken

Not accepted:

  • Food and beverages
  • Waste – it should be deposited in the buried containers in the area
  • If your items are broken, they do not belong in the swap box but should be treated as waste
  • Large waste should go to the recycling center. Large furniture and items – if you want to get rid of large items but can’t go to the recycling center yourself, you can use the municipality’s ordering service.

You can find more information here.

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