Exciting news: Free live concerts in Fjordbyen

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The weather is fantastic. Finally!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it stays this way for a while.

Not least because there are a lot of cool outdoor activities planned around Aalborg.

In Fjordbyen, they have a cultural venue called Musikkens bette Hus, and they are introducing a new concert series called Festlig Fredag (Festive Friday).

“This year we are hosting three awesome concert evenings where we have invited several local musicians to enchant us with their crisp tones and love for music on what we hope will be beautiful summer evenings,” they write about the initiative.

The first concert is on Friday, May 24th from 17:00 to 22:45. It’s completely free, and the same goes for each of the three concert evenings.

Program for May 24th

  • 17:00 – New Burns
    // If you’re into rock and blues, New Burns will be right up your alley. The style is tightly played Rock’n’Blues delivered with tight energy and the sound from “back then”, as they unfold the sound of BB King, Led Zeppelin, and Eric Clapton’s tones in their own interpretations. Leading the charge is lead singer Richard Eskildsen, while Kim Mouritzen on guitar and Ole Grønbæk on bass round out the lineup.
  • 19:00 – Per Muff
    // For over 40 years, Per Muff has been giving numerous concerts, including several places in Vestbyen, where he himself lives. This evening, Muff comes with his guitar, and we will listen to some of his own songs about love, fear, community, freedom, responsibility for one’s own life, and the challenges of our time. The music is served with humor and an unpretentious self-irony.
  • 20:30 – Jessie Ka
    // Don’t let Jessie Ka’s feminine soft vocals fool you, because her music has an understated and sarcastic edge, and her upbringing in “the dark North Jutland” has left its melancholic mark on her English-language pop universe. Her reflective lyrical universes present us with life as a woman and the pursuit of being allowed to be oneself. Drawing inspiration from dark pop and hyperpop, Jessie Ka paints vivid pictures in our minds.
  • 21:45 PM – ØJESTEN
    // The Aalborg-based indie quartet, ØJESTEN, shoots up like a budding spring flower through the cracks in the concrete to spread joy and high spirits on the Danish music scene. In a present lyrical universe that touches everything from grief and powerlessness to youthful love’s infatuation, wonder, and frustration, ØJESTEN openly shares experiences from real life. With roots in dream pop’s floating and airy sound universe, the band fuses genre elements from both R&B, indie rock, and alt-pop.

Chairs will be set up in front of the stage (first come, first served), and if you get thirsty, you can buy drinks from Kulturhuset opposite Musikkens bette Hus.

Read more about the concert here and follow along with Musikkens bette Hus here.

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