Exciting talks, cold drinks, and music: Here’s what you can experience at Kunsten Summer Lounge today

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The past couple of summers, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art has hosted a series of extremely popular events called “Summer Lounge.”

The cozy event is returning today and as usual it’s filled with activities that can entertain even the most tired guest.

With the weather forecast promising a dry night and even 19 degrees, the circumstances could hardly be better for the outside event.

At 16:00, the park and bar will open and a DJ will play the welcome melody. Later the restaurant Brasserie Kunsten will be selling food that you can enjoy on the lawn.

At 17:00, the first talk of the night starts with Sana Mahin Doost as a guest. She’s the former front person of the Danish Students Joint Council and is currently giving talks about the performance anxiety that many young people suffer from.

Furthermore, she’s a part of Oxfam IBIS board where she helps fight income equality.

Together with today’s host, Emma Holten, Sana Mahin Doost will be discussing how to be an activist without burning out, and how it affects activism that the current youth is the most stressed generation ever.

Another guest on the poster

Today’s program was announced a while ago but in the eleventh hour Kunsten has chosen to add another guest.

Rosa Sulaiman from the political party Socialdemokratiet (Social Democrats) was this past week abused by a man because of the color of her skin.

When she shared her experience on her Facebook page some of the comments turned to attacking her.

Kunsten says that they’ve invited the politician to participate because she is a very recent example of the problems that are discussed at tonight’s event – i.e. how you keep up your enthusiasm as a young activist.

Later, at 19:00, the musician GRETA will take the stage where she’ll play her magical pop music.

Once the entrance fee to the museum is paid, you get free access to Kunsten Summer Lounge. Members of Kunsten’s club always have free access.

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  • 16:00 The park and bar opens – a DJ will play music
  • 17:00 Talk: How do you keep up your engagement in society without burning out? with Sana Mahin Doost
  • 19:00 Music: GRETA
  • 20:30 Farewell

What: Kunsten Summer Lounge
Where: Kunsten’s sculpture park
When: Today, June 15th

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