Extraordinary effort: The International House North Denmark announces award-winner

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The International House North Denmark’s ‘International Award’ is a yearly recognition in the form of an award for an individual person or an organization that contributes to the development of internationalization of the region of North Denmark or has contributed with extraordinary efforts to support internationals in the region.

International House’s Steering Committee acted as the selection committee and was therefore being responsible for selecting the winner.

The Committee is composed by a representative from the following institutions:

  • Region Nordjylland
  • Business Region North Denmark
  • Aalborg University
  • University College Nordjylland
  • A Civil society organization within IHND
  • North Denmark’s business community
  • A workers’ union within the region

The Winner is…

… Last Week in Denmark! 

  • Last Week in Denmark is a weekly newsletter that provides internationals in Denmark with a variety of need-to-know information – ranging from politics, economics, daily life in Denmark, and cultural topics.
  • Since February 2021, the newsletter has supported internationals in Denmark in their daily life. It compiles the news in highly readable summaries every week from both Danish and international media.
  • It keeps internationals informed of the latest news in Denmark and of various opportunities for their jobs or studies. It also saves a lot of time for its readers as all the latest news is collected in one place.
  • Last week in Denmark is very helpful to internationals who are not able to read Danish but wants to stay updated on the latest news. It helps foreigners to integrate in Denmark as they can discuss the latest news with locals.

The prize was handed over to curator and executive editor of the newsletter, Narcis George Matache, on September 16th.

On behalf of Last Week in Denmark, Narcis states:

“Last week in Denmark started as a passion project to empower the 11% with information.

After more than a year, it turned into a community project that involves dozens of volunteers. They are the true winners of this award.”

The prize, a beautiful picture of Rubjerg Knude Fyr, was painted by Joanna Prigara, a local international artist who has often depicted beautiful scenes in Denmark.

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