Fabulous prizes hidden: Come to giant Easter-egg hunt in downtown

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo by Aalborg City
Photo by Aalborg City

For many families, Easter is in full bloom.  This also means that many families are planning Easter egg hunts in the garden or out in the woods. 

But now, you can also join in on a giant Easter-egg hunt in the middle of Aalborg.  The search can lead you to amazing prizes from many of the shops in Aalborg city center. 

Aalborg City created an event that is fun and rewarding.  The Easter egg hunt is full of prizes, such as gift cards for various shops, including restaurants, cafes and fun activities. 

Even better – it’s totally free! 

You can join in Tuesday  April 11th and Wednesday 12th. Æggene gemmer sig rundt omkring blandt Aalborg City’s medlemmer.

There are 10-15 Easter eggs for the hunt each day. NOTE: you can only get one egg with a gift card per person per day. 


Here are the clues

How do you sniff out those hidden Easter eggs, you might ask?

To start, you must follow Aalborg City on social media. 

“Remember to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to see where the eggs are hiding  – You can see the history /story. The first person that finds the eggs gets the prize inside. Once you find the first egg, you continue to get clues for the next one,” they explain.

You can find Aalborg City on Facebook here.

You can find Aalborg City on Instagram here.

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