Finally in place: A brand new REMA 1000 opens in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The people of Aalborg can’t get enough of REMA 1000.

There was certainly great excitement when it was recently announced that REMA 1000 had acquired no less than 114 ALDI stores distributed throughout the country.

But now there is even more good news for REMA 1000’s fan base.

It has been revealed that another REMA 1000 has fallen in love with a small piece of Aalborg and expects to open another store by 2024.

Here’s where it will be located

It’s the plot of land on the corner of Ny Kærvej and Hattemagervej, which until a year ago housed a large Red Cross store.

After the move, the large, attractive plot of land went up for sale – and it has now been sold to REMA 1000.

According to Jan Poulsen, Development Director at REMA 1000, it was not a spontaneous decision.

“We’ve been looking at Kærby for a while because in our eyes, it’s a local area that was missing a convenience store,” he tells MyAalborg.

REMA 1000 has also purchased a portion of the neighboring land to make room for parking spaces and green areas.

The exact opening date of the new store is still uncertain.

“We do not dare to announce a final date, but we will open during the second half of 2024,” Jan promises.

The new store will be 1200 square meters and have approximately 70 parking spaces.

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