Finally: Summer is returning

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If you haven’t been on a vacation down south, you might have forgotten how it feels… the summer, that is.

The weather gods have been quite stingy with sun and warm temperatures in Aalborg and the rest of Denmark.

To such an extent that it was almost breaking news when the sun peeked out and gave us 22 degrees last week.

However, it was a short-lived pleasure as rain and gray weather returned. But now, there is finally a prospect of summer coming back and staying. This is reported by B.T.

It could already return next week

In fact, summer might be just around the corner:

“There are signs that it will become more summery in the middle of August. Maybe as early as the end of next week,” long-term meteorologist and duty officer at DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute), Martin Lindberg, says to B.T.

Next week will start out as we have been accustomed to for some time, with cool temperatures and wet and gray weather.

But afterward, there’s ample time to bring out the sunscreen, as mid-August could bring temperatures up to 22 degrees and possibly even higher.

The summer trend seems to continue throughout August and into September.

All in all, it appears that August will have average weather following a June that was exceptionally hot and a July that, in contrast, saw unusually large amounts of precipitation and low temperatures.

You can check the latest weather forecast for Aalborg for the upcoming days here.

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