First-aid for the sunny days: Your guide to delicious iced coffee in Aalborg

by Stine Kjølby Christensen

What do you do when Denmark is hit by a sweltering heatwave?

You find a way to cool down of course. 

One of our go-to options is combining the invigorating effects of caffeine with cold milk, ice cream, or ice cubes. Maybe even a shot of syrup or two, especially if you need an extra boost.

We are, of course, referring to ice coffee — a sure hit in Aalborg.

Here you will find just as many varieties of iced coffees as you can find donut shops. Similarly, it may be tricky deciding which is the best in Aalborg –  as there is literally something for every taste and budget.

Here is an overview of iced coffees in the city center (in alphabetical order):


BACO is running at full speed with two established cafés in Aalborg. This summer, they introduced BACO By Night on Budolfi Plads where you can enjoy low-priced cocktails from Thursday to Saturday at 19.00.

The extraordinary thing about BACO is that everything on the menu – from tasty coffee, iced coffee, bagels, cakes, and much more –  costs just 25 kr.

Thus, BACO’s iced coffee is one of the absolute cheapest on our Tour de Iced Coffee.

If you order a to-go cup, you get a classic, properly flavored iced coffee—no hocus pocus.  But you do have the option of upgrading it with a “milk” of your choice (oats, almonds, etc.) or a drop of syrup (FREE!).

Where: Budolfi Plads 20 & Nørregade 1, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 25 kr.

Behag Din Smag

If you are seeking quality iced coffee then there is no better place than Behag Din Smag. Here they take pride in serving a perfect cup of coffee – EVERY time. 

Behag Din Smag has a special summer menu to satisfy every taste, even the cool ones. 

You can order from a range of drinks including Iced Espresso Tonic, Blended Iced Coffee with Syrup, and even homemade Organic Iced Tea. 

Just a warning: You may become star-struck by their double-shot Iced Latte made with milk, ice cubes, and organic homemade vanilla sugar.

Fortunately for us, Behag Din Smag are masters at finding the right balance between bitter and sweet without compromising the coffee taste.

Where: Gabels Torv, Slotsgade 16A, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 44 kr.

Café Peace

Are you really breaking the rules if you mix your dessert with coffee and drink it all in one cup?

Well … we don’t think so! And that is the reason why Café Peace serves up one of the city’s most popular iced coffee. 

By serving a double shot of espresso with milk AND a heaping spoonful of real vanilla ice cream, their blend of an iced coffee is almost illegal. 

Consider choosing this iced coffee on a day you really feel the need to reward yourself.  This is the type of drink where you cannot stop after one sip, and watch out for…brain freeze! 

This drink is just about criminal so if you drink two in a row, you have our utmost respect. 

And you can step it up by adding a shot of vanilla syrup since you are already breaking the rules.

Where: Boulevarden 4, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 55 kr. (extra syrup costs 5 kr)


Caféministeriets outdoor area spreads out into Mølle Plads. It is absolutely one of the coolest spots in the city, especially when the Danish weather shines. This is a great spot to sit and enjoy life with a loyal companion – and an endearing glass of iced coffee or iced latte.

Their iced latte is a blend of iced coffee with espresso and vanilla ice cream. Since we just tried Café Peace’s version of the classic cool drink, we opted to try their iced coffee as well. This classic includes your choice of syrup, ice cubes, milk, and a double-shot of espresso.

Indeed, a classic iced coffee tastes excellent with syrup. But if you do not have a sweet tooth, then consider asking for a single pump or skipping the syrup altogether. 

Where: Møllegade 19, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 45 kr.

Coffee Ten

It’s no surprise that the city’s most inexpensive iced coffee is served at Coffee Ten. For just 10 kr. (!) you get a complete classic: An iced coffee with milk, a shot of espresso, and packed with ice.  Want some syrup? No problem, it costs just 2 kr extra. 

Simple. Good. Cheap.

Coffee Ten is becoming one of Aalborgs’ favorites quickly.  Last year, they expanded by adding another coffee bar to the second floor, so you can enjoy your drink on the terrace. 

Where: Magasin (on the ground and top floor)
Price: 10 kr. (extra syrup is 2 kr)

Espresso House

With five locations, Espresso House is the largest coffee chain in Aalborg. Their goal is to create a space-like-home by decorating with plenty of green plants, comfortably seating, and sofas. It feels just like you are sipping a really good cup of coffee in your own living room.

Three of the coffee bars in the city center tend to attract students, families, and friends seeking a spacious yet cozy atmosphere. 

There are many cold drinks on the Espresso House menu so we asked the barista to recommend one.

The barista suggested an iced latte with hand-brewed espresso, cold milk, and ice cream, which can be boosted by adding caramel, salted caramel, or mocha.  Another suggestion was an iced cappuccino with hand-brewed espresso, cold milk, and ice cream topped with velvety vanilla foam. 

Wow. The vanilla foam topping was better than expected and intensified the iced cappuccino experience. 

Where: Plantorama, Aalborg Storcenter, Nytorv 27 (Friis), Østerågade 11, Bispensgade 16
Price: 45 kr. (iced latte) / 50 kr. (iced cappucino)

Fru Ronne

In Reberbansgade, we discovered the most mysterious iced coffee.

Many attempts were made to decode the recipe from Fru Ronne but we have yet to succeed. 

The recipe is simply a well-kept secret, and we clearly understand why.

The iced coffee just tastes delicious and has a prominent vanilla flavor that does not pull it down.

You can choose to add caramel or chocolate for an extra 5 kr., so without hesitation, we ordered one of each! 

Where: Reberbansgade 1, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 40 kr.

Kochs Kaffebar

Kochs Kaffebar has (funny enough) a large assortment of hot and cold coffee drinks. 

You can choose between coffee blends, light iced coffee, and classic iced lattes. 

But they also offer a variety of Real Iced Coffee called the ultimate iced coffee… naturally, we took that as a challenge and immediately ordered two.

You can choose between vanilla or chocolate ice cream, served up with espresso and chocolate sauce—similar to Café Peace’s drink, which is not a bad thing. It tastes great.

But be CAREFUL: The drink is not blended, so you have to hurry and eat it. Otherwise, you risk melted ice cream all over the table (we speak from bitter experience). 

We recommend you savor a cup of coffee on their fabulous roof terrace, which is a hidden gem by the pedestrian area. 

Where: Algade 23 & Shoppen in City Syd, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 55 kr.


Summer would not be complete without a new coffee trend, and this year the blogger-friendly Dalgona coffee kick-started a delicious craze.

The coffee rage stems from a creamy coffee foam made by blending coffee with sugar and water. When whipped together, you get a rich and creamy consistency.

Lagkagehuset has adopted the new coffee trend, and you should definitely give it a try.

Their version consists of ice-cold milk, a fair amount of ice cubes, and of course, creamy coffee foam.

Dalgona coffee is a very unique iced coffee experience due to the fluffy foam and mild pleasant taste and is probably the perfect iced coffee for beginners.

This is because the taste is not overwhelming, and you can join in on the fun by sharing an experience with your Instagram followers as this is #instaworthy coffee.

Where: By Magasin and Østre Havn, 9000 Aalborg, and Otto Mønsteds Vej 1, 9200 Aalborg
Price: 43 kr. (30,10 kr with student discount)

Mabel Kafferi

Aalborg’s newest member of the coffee-bar tribe is Mabel Kafferi. This coffee bar is run by a mother and daughter duo who are always warm and welcoming.  They also offer heavenly slices of cake from one Danmarks best confectioners.

Naturally, there is iced coffee on the menu, which you can enjoy for the small price of 42 kr.

Carla, the daughter, recommends an iced coffee with caramel syrup. For some, this version may seem heavy and with a robust caramel taste but Mabel Kafferi knows coffee, and they achieve a perfect balance between the sinfully good caramel taste and coffee flavor. 

Where: Boulevarden 6, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 42 kr


Even before the heatwave, Vestre Fjordpark was already a popular refuge from the city center’s hustle and bustle. 

At the beach park, you will find SALT Café where Katerina Komselis serves an authentic cup of iced coffee. 

Given her Greek roots, she takes pride in serving a real Greek frappé. 

In fact, the cold-coffee concept originated in Greece back in the ’50s, and out of principal Katerina serves it 100% original.  

At SALT, the iced coffee recipe is divine, and thus no fancy additions are needed. The iced coffee is simply coffee, sugar, and water, topped with a shot of ice-cold milk. 

The result is totally different from the sugary sweet experiences we have tried on the Tour de Iced Coffee so far.

But without a doubt, we cherished the refreshing caffeine kick this iced coffee provided, and we more than appreciate why Katerina insists on upholding the Greek frappé tradition. 

Gia mas!

Where: Vestre Fjordpark, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 39 kr.


The lengthy selection of drinks is really not something you tire from at Starbucks, and even better are the varieties of iced coffees, safeguarding your caffeine kick.  

The big seller this season is the Iced Starbucks Blonde Latte. This latte is made with the lightest roast, which gives a mild and round flavor. 

The coffee taste is evident, and this iced coffee stood its ground without the customary shot of syrup.  We will definitely order this again next time. 

Where: Nytorv 8 & Aalborg Storcenter, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 46 kr.


2020 has been a crazy year for Surdejsbageren, which already expanded out of its original location. 

From October 1st, we look forward to visiting the spacious 240 m2 location, which will host a large bakery and a fantastic coffee bar.  

At Surdejsbageren, the iced coffee is 100 % organic and served with a double shot of espresso – amazing topped with amazing!

The syrup is included in the price, but you can leave it out if (when) you also buy some delicious pastries to accompany the coffee. We simply could not resist bringing some extra baked goodness home. Oops.

Where: Budolfi Plads 14, 9000 Aalborg
Price: 40 kr. (including syrup)

We Feat

At 100% organic We Feat, they are passionate about coffee, and they even have their own blend to satisfy coffee lovers in Aalborg. 

On the iced coffee front, you can choose between a latte or Americano, if you are seeking a pure coffee experience.  Regardless, you are sure to enjoy the perfect coffee taste. 

Add the fact that We Feat’s ambiance is one of the best in town, and you have the complete coffee experience. We have yet to leave there unsatisfied or sad.

You can, of course, get your coffee made with one of many delightful organic kinds of milk such as whole milk, oat, soy, or almond.

Where: Boulevarden 12, 9000 Aalborg
Price: Iced Americano 30 kr. / Iced Latte 40 kr.

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