First headliner revealed: The Minds of 99 will play at Nibe 2023

by Megan McPhee Christensen

In this grey and rainy autumn weather, it is essential to dream yourself away in thoughts of cold draft beer, good weather and a real festival atmosphere.

Here in North Jutland, it doesn’t get any better than Nibe Festival, and now they are ready to reveal next year’s first headline act.

The Minds Of 99 will play one of the few summer concerts at Nibe 2023 on Thursday, 29th of June.

Nibe Festival has revealed the news in a press release.

Uncompromising hit machine

Danish lyrics, unique sound and alternative way of thinking are not always the epitome of “the easy way” when it comes to making a breakthrough on the Danish music scene.

There were certainly not many that thought, “these boys will fill the Park in just a few years”, when The Minds Of 99 released their first single in 2014 – the fantastic and remarkable “Det Er Knud Som Er Død”.

But the reality is here, 8 years later, that The Minds Of 99 are now an absolute powerhouse on the Danish music scene.

Turns out that it often pays off to ditch the quick and easy solutions.

Nibe Festival was onboard from the start

Nibe was along for the ride with the band right from the start.

The debut year sent Minds to Nibe where they played on the festival’s then “growth stage”. The last time Brandt & co. visited Nibe was in 2019 when they gave a rousing concert on the main stage.

Now they are back, bigger than ever, and with a repertoire filled with hits such as “Under Din Sne”, “Ung Kniv”, “Alle Skuffer Over Tid”, “Emil”, “Solkongen”, “Som Fluer”, “Det Er Knud Som Er Død”, “Krop Som En Sten”, “Stjerner På Himlen”, “Big City, Bright Lights” and many, many, many more.

It will be a wild summer evening in Nibe when the rock kings take over the main stage on Thursday during Nibe Festival 2023.

Day ticket sales will come one week after the partout sales

Next Sunday, October 9th at 10:00, day tickets go on sale – i.e. the week after partout ticket sales have started.

Tickets for Nibe Festival 2023, which takes place between 28 June and 1 July, can be bought here.

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