First in Denmark: Wolt opens a unique supermarket in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

If you’re (also) one of those people who gets low on energy at the very thought of shopping in the supermarket, we have news for you. There are now other ways to get snacks for a fun evening or the essentials for lunch and dinner. 

MyAalborg can reveal that Wolt, known for delivering takeaway, is opening a supermarket in Aalborg. 

Yup, you read that correctly. 

Today Wolt Market opens their first store for Denmark on Vesterbro 62 (once a Fakta Quick).

“We are looking forward to opening our very first store in Aalborg in such a fantastic location,” the director for Wolt Market, Mikkel Freiesleben, explains to MyAalborg.

Wolt Marked is currently moving equipment into their space.

How Wolt Market works

Wolt Market is introducing a new supermarket concept to Danmark.  The supermarket offers delivery of grocery items in just 30 minutes.

The supermarket will be a delivery-pickup service but with a slight twist. The twist is that there is no indoor shopping at the supermarket. 

Instead, you order all items via the Wolt app just like you would when ordering a takeaway.  A distinctive blue Wolt carrier then delivers your groceries in a short time.

You can also order via the Wolt app and collect your order at the store.

“We plan to start with 2000 items. Many of these items are typical for a traditional supermarket  – fresh meat and vegetables, bread, frozen foods, etc.,” Mikkel Freiesleben says.

Variety and options will increase

For now, Wolt Market follows the opening hours as we know it from their app. That is from 10:00 – 22:00 but it may change depending on customer needs. 

“We will listen closely and utilize the data about orders made through the app to tailor and choose the best opening hours to satisfy our customer’s needs,” Mikkel Freiesleben says.

A future vision is that Wolt Market will also order goods from local suppliers in North Jutland.

Wolt Market is already up and running in Finland and Estonia where the acceptance of the new supermarket concept exceeds expectations. 

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