Food from Applaus, Nam, and Karma Sushi: Try their luxurious Valentine’s Takeaway dinner

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

February 14 is usually one of the busiest days a year for restaurants countrywide.

But seeing as the lockdown has been extended, there will be no bringing your date for a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant in Aalborg.

In order to cater to couples who still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, some of the best restaurants in Aalborg have decided to cooperate on a luxurious version of Valentine’s dinner (as takeaway, of course).

The principle is the same as ordering food for New Year’s Eve, only this time love is in the air. This Valentine’s dinner initiative is naturally named the LoveBox and can be ordered for Saturday, February 13, or on the actual Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Order it here.

Big names contribute to the LoveBox

The principal organizers of the LoveBox are the two restaurant owners Mads Hyllested and Kim Jeppesen.

They are among other things known for their successful product and cooperation that resulted in a New Year’s takeaway from their respective restaurants, Nam and Applaus.

The LoveBox is a box that contains a lot of delicious elements.

You get a champagne from Sigurd Müller’s Vinhandel (winestore), sushi from Karma Sushi, and chocolate from Aalborg Chokoladen.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to enjoy several courses From Applaus and Nam, which are considered some of Aalborg’s best restaurants.

Karma Sushi won the prize for Best Takeaway in Town two years in a row at AALBORG AWARDS 2018 AND 2019.

“Traditionally speaking, Valentine’s Day is a very popular dining day.

That is why we are launching this project so our guests can enjoy a cozy evening with good food and drinks at home with their dates, seeing as no one can dine out,” Mads Hyllested explains.

Kim Jeppesen (on the left) and Mads Hyllested

A full experience with luxury and delicacies

Kim Jeppesen from Nam – who also co-owns the popular SMAEK with Mads Hyllested – adds:

“Our LoveBox will function in the same way as our New Year’s takeaway – that is to say that you warm and arrange the food, which has been cooked and prepared by us.”

The box will be a full experience with loads of luxury and delicacies.

“There will be elements from each of our four restaurants (Nam, Menendez, Dejavú, and Applaus), and additionally, we have organized a great partnership with Karma Sushi, Sigurd Müller, and Aalborg Chokoladen, which will be included in the box,” Mads Hyllested says.

Valentine’s Day takes place on a Sunday this year, which can be a bit of a downer for some people.

That’s why they will be handing out the boxes in the course of two days: Saturday, February 13, and Sunday, February 14.

The price is 575 kr per person and matches the exclusiveness that is combined within the LoveBox.

Only a limited number of LoveBoxes are available.

The box contains the following for 2 people

– ½ bottle of André Clouet Champagne (Sigurd Müller Vinhandel)

– Crisp taco with creamy salad on confited poultry, sugar peas, and aromatic herbs (Menendez)

3 course menu
– Sushibox from Karma Sushi with roll menu 16 pieces (Karma Sushi)

– Grilled beef tenderloin with smoked potato creme, salt-baked celery, king trumpet mushroom, and pepper sauce filled with black currants, chives, and mustard corns (Bistro Dejavú)

– Dark chocolate bar with biscuits and ganache, pearls of blood orange, passion fruit creme, passion ”kisses”, and coconut sauce (Nam)

– Applaus signature “Applaus It”  with dark Jamaican rum, pomegranate, passion fruit, and lime (Applaus)

Petit four
– Flødebolle (Danish cream bun) with frothy strawberry cream (Aalborg Chokolade)

Price per person: 575 kr.

You can only order via this link

You pick up the food on SMAEK’s terrace both days between 12:00-14:00


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