Four of Aalborg’s best restaurants: Try incredible gourmet food at a special price

by Shellie Boudreau

Four of Aalborg’s most acclaimed restaurants are participating in an extraordinary gourmet-event this November.

On Tuesday the 17th, Wednesday the 18th, and Thursday the 19th of November, Tabu, Applaus, Nam, and Fusion will participate in a gourmet-week, which is backed by MyAalborg/MigogAalborg.

These restaurants are considered among the best in Northern Jutland. As such, they have created a special menu to make use of and showcase their culinary skills as well as pamper their guests with wine and bubbles.

The price is also extra special. For example, you can select an exquisite gourmet menu from Tabu for 500 kr or try 16 different dishes from Restaurant Nam for just 595 kr.

If you go ALL in, you can combine a gourmet menu with wine and bubbles for under 1.000 kr.

These evening offers tend to sell out fast so you have to act quickly to secure your spot.

Book here – you can view all the menus below

Named as Aalborg’s best restaurant

It was not that long ago that Tabu was named Aalborg’s best restaurant at the Aalborg Awards.

The three other restaurants were nominated as well.

There is no doubt that everyone will be turning things up a notch to be able to offer you a luxurious gourmet experience, which otherwise is only found in Copenhagen.

At the same time, you will be supporting four of Aalborg’s best restaurants during a time when the traditional Danish Christmas parties are being cancelled one after the other.

Here are the menus and prices

Restaurant Tabu

Dinner menu:
“A tour of Northern Jutland”

4 different seasonal snacks
Sourdough bread & butter
North Sea Fish
Free-range duck from Rosenbeck
Plantation fruit
Price per person:
500 kr for snacks and a 4-course dinner
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)
Add 4 glasses of wine or soft drinks to the menu: 300 kr per person

Read more and book here

Restaurant Fusion

The gourmet week at Restaurant Fusion starts at 17:30

Dinner menu:

  • Tuna and yellowtail terrine – avocado cream – soy roe and herbs
  • Cod – leek – lovage – lemon
  • Duroc pork – BBQ – pumpkin – passion
  • Red deer – potato cream – herb blanket – pistachio – smoked sauce
  • Yuzu cream – apples – pistachio – sour cream

Price per person: 495 kr for 5 courses
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)
Price per person: 925 kr for 5 courses with a wine menu
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)

See more and book here

Restaurant Nam

Gourmet week at Nam starts at 17:30

Nam is hosting a “Dim Sum” evening where the menu will be inspired by the traditional Chinese food – dim sum. The menu includes a wide variety of small servings, including bao, Jian dui, and dumplings in different forms and preparations.

Dinner menu:
Shrimp with matured ham & potato
Lobster with pomelo & roasted onion
Løjrom (roe), leek, & salted lime

Cabbage with truffle ponzu & onion
Asian dumplings with red cabbage and mushroom
Enoki with tomato & chili

Kimchi with dried beef & teriyaki
Raw beef with shiso & XO sauce
Char siu bao filled with marinated pork and BBQ marinade

Cold broth with warm spices and seaweed
“Jian dui” classic Chinese pastry with confit duck leg

“Yakitori” duck skewer with sesame & roasted garlic
Duck breast “Peking style” with onion & Szechuan with salted caramel & lychee
“Banana balls” with sesame, chocolate, & lime
Coconut ice cream with sticky rice, mango, & white chocolate

Price per person: 595 kr for 16 servings
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)
Price per person: 990 kr for bubbles, 16 servings, wine menu with 6 wines, and coffee/tea
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)

See more and book here

Restaurant Applaus

Gourmet week at Restaurant Applaus starts at 17:30

Dinner menu:


Tatar with oysters, mustard seeds, and caviar

Grilled lobster with lardo

Quail thighs with thyme

5-course menu:

  • Scallops with apples, hazelnuts, dill, and clam chowder
  • Turbot with cabbage and foie gras sauce
  • Smoked goose breast with gastric, endive, chips, and fresh truffle
  • Mamor beef with stuffed jumbo morel, onion, and aromatic sauce
  • Cheery sorbet with vanilla mousse, cherry syrup, and candied almonds

Price per person: 595 kr for 8 dishes
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)
Price per person: 995 kr for bubbles, 8 dishes, wine menu, and coffee
(plus a 25 kr ticket fee)

See more and book here

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