Free consultancy: Get help with landing yourself a job in the Danish job jungle

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Did you know that the International House North Denmark has several initiatives to help international citizens find a job?

When it comes to seeking jobs they have various types of services that they can offer.

They have several experienced consultants who are ready to give you useful tips regarding job hunting in the Danish environment and can help you make your CV and your job applications more attractive for Danish companies.

Does that sound interesting?

Then feel free to reach out to the International House North Denmark at and book an „one to one“ appointment where they can take a look at your CV and help you adjust your job profile to the Danish job market.

On top of this, they are hosting regular job search seminars where you can, apart from help with CVs, also learn more about the use of Linkedin, the importance of networking, and how to prepare a pitch.

The next job search seminar is happening on March 28th and you can sign up for it via the links below:

Their last initiative is the regular „Job Monday“ posts that they share on their social media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn) every Monday.

It is a list of open job positions from the region that are suitable for international citizens.

In addition to that, they have a similar initiative called „Green jobs“ where they every second Tuesday post about new job openings focusing on sustainability, environment, and the green transition.

If you have any questions related to their job search services then you can reach out to Pernille Nyrup Vigsø, Project Coordinator at International House North Denmark, via email or call the following number: + 45 99 31 15 30.

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