Free entrance: World’s biggest sandcastle inaugurated at Blokhus this week

by Ashton Christensen

Many people will, again this year, spend their vacation within the borders of Northern Jutland. 

But fortunately, there’s plenty to experience right in our “backyard” – also experiences of international caliber.

In Skulpturparken Blokhus, they are currently aiming to build the world’s largest sandcastle.

When the unique work of art is finished by the car park at Skulpturparken, the sandcastle will reach more than 20 meters and 21 centimeters into the air – to symbolize 2021 – and have a base width of no less than 30 meters.

The size of the sandcastle will create a new world record, beating the latest record held in Germany, which was almost 18 meters.

With such as high and wide achievement, one can only hope to receive a spot in the Guinness World of Records.

Experience international artists

Some of the world’s best sand sculptors are designing the sandcastle, which is to be inaugurated on July 2.

Until then, you can experience the fantastic work of these international artists from Belgium, Portugal, Russia, and the Netherlands every day. 

The symbol of corona stands at the top of the grande sandcastle where further down you will see people climbing up the sandcastle, with vaccines in their hands, to fight against the worldwide epidemic.

The sand sculptors have now reached a point on the sandcastle where more and more landmarks are emerging.

You can for instance experience the bathinghouses by Løkken, the sea mark by Blokhus, surfers from the west coast, Rubjerg Knude Fyrtårn, and many others.

It is important for the creation of the sandcastle that the artists put their creative hands to work on it every day until the inauguration so the sculpture will keep the shape.

Read more about the process here.

Join the Grand Opening

The official opening will, as mentioned, be on the 2nd of July where well-known locals will welcome the sandcastle to Blokhus.

John Andersen, owner of Skulpturparken Blokhus, Mogens Chr. Gade, mayor of Jammerbugt Municipality, and Peter Krusborg, director of Destination Northwest Coast, are among these. 

The Grand Opening starts at 12:00 where everyone will be bid welcome and speeches will be held. Everybody is invited for chitchat and bubbles after the speeches.

The sandcastle’s final height will be revealed during the grand opening. 

The sandcastle will stand ready after the grand opening, and guests will be able to view the masterpiece from 10:00 to 21:00 on a daily basis – until the cold nights start setting.

What: Grand Opening of World’s Biggest Sandcastle
Where: Parking lot by Skulpturparken Blokhus
When: July 2 at 12:00

Read more here.

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