Free initiative: Find and exchange reused items in the Swap Box

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Now citizens’ in Aalborg have the chance to exchange things with their neighbors in the Swap Box, which has been set up in Aalborg Vestby.

The initiative is being led by Aalborg Renovation with the aim of making it easier to reuse more items.

During a trial period, the Swap Box will be placed for six weeks at a time in three different locations: first at Herluf Trolles Plads, then Kastetvej in front of Haraldslund, then Suensonsgade, before returning to Herluf Trolles Plads.

“We have a goal of increasing reuse, and therefore we need to think of new methods.

We hope that with the Swap Box, we can inspire people to discard their items less as waste, and instead consider them for reuse, benefiting both others and the environment,” Klaus Bystrup, project manager at Aalborg Forsyning, says.

“When we give things to others and reuse more ourselves, we extend the lifespan of items that would otherwise end up as waste. This saves resources – both in the production of new items and in the disposal of waste.”

The Swap Box is only for reuse

In the Swap Box, you can place items such as porcelain, books, small household items, and other reusable items that still work and have value.

Even if something no longer has value to you, it may be exactly what someone else needs. The Swap Box is for everyone, and if you find something you can use, you can take it home.

“It should be easy to reuse, and with the Swap Box, we bring the opportunity for reuse directly to citizens,” Klaus Bystrup explains.

The Swap Box is only for small items that you can carry without assistance.

If your items are broken, they do not belong in the Swap Box but should be sorted as waste and placed in the buried containers in the area.

Large items should be taken to the recycling center, and some types of waste can be collected through Aalborg Renovation’s ordering service.

“It is largely up to citizens to ensure that the box functions properly by placing items neatly on the shelves, keeping order, and only contributing items that can be reused.

We believe that we can succeed together, and we hope that residents in the area will receive the box well and support the initiative,” Klaus Bystrup says.

Aalborg Renovation supervises the Swap Box every weekday and monitors whether it contributes to increased reuse.

Made of recycled materials

The Swap Box itself is also made of recycled materials – it is made from a converted shipping container and covered with recycled wood from Gigantium.

In addition, the Swap Box has a green sedum roof that absorbs rainwater.

The project with the Swap Box is inspired by a similar project in Aarhus, which has been a great success, with citizens being active in both donating items for reuse and taking items.

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