Free pizza and board games: Aalborg Library invites young people to a special event

by Ashton Christensen

Are you between the ages of 15 and 35? Are you interested in getting to know new people? If so, you should visit Aalborg Library on Wednesday for a fun board game event. 

The event is a collaboration with the organization Madmekka Aalborg DFUNK x GAME, a free food community for young people.

The event takes place on Wednesday, March 9 at 16:30, at the city’s main library on Rendsburggade. On top of the possibility to try tons of board games, there will also be free pizza. 

The organizers write that “some board game-wizards from the library will introduce rules, tips, and tricks. It’s for everyone – especially if you like pizza and would like to learn some new board games.”

Bringing cultures together over food

Madmekka Aalborg DFUNK x GAME usually meets every Monday in GAME Streetmekka Aalborg at 5 pm, but they’ll be adding an extra event to their calendar in March.

The organization aims to bring together young people from different cultures over food. Everyone contributes with recipes or menu suggestions, and it’s a chance to try everything from Lithuanian to French or Syrian food.

You can find more information about the event here.

What: Pizza and board games for young people
Where: Aalborg Library, Rendsburggade 2
When: Wednesday, March 9, at 16:30.

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