Free wine and tapas: New wine shop invites to opening party

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Fredrik Bindner will be the manager at the store on Rantzausgade.
Fredrik Bindner will be the manager at the store on Rantzausgade.

The Danish Meteorological Institute promises 20 degrees Celsius over the weekend, and what could be more perfect for the summery weather than a cool glass of wine?

Well, maybe if the wine was free, and that’s exactly what Aalborg’s newest wine shop offers on Friday, May 12, from 15:00 to 20:00 when they officially open their doors.

It’s Husted Vin that’s coming to town, and they’re celebrating their first store in Aalborg with an opening party in the premises at Rantzausgade 5.

Here you will be able to explore their large range of delicious wines and taste their wines for free along with tapas from Restaurant Emil.

They also promise wild opening offers, so you can get some bottles home at a really sharp price.

You won’t find boring labels at Husted Vin. The retailer cares about the appearance of the wines as well.

First store in Jutland

Husted Vin is named after owner Kenn Husted, who started his business 25 years ago in Copenhagen.

With eight wine bars and five wine shops in Copenhagen, it is primarily the capital that has benefited from “quality wines with a focus on sustainability, value for money, and nice labels,” which Husted emphasizes, but now Aalborg is specially selected.

“This is our first store outside of Copenhagen,” Kenn Husted says, adding:

“We are opening here because of Fredrik. He is our Jutlandic seller, and he needed a place to showcase our wines in Jutland.

Now we’ll see what Aalborg thinks of us.”

Fredrik’s full name is Fredrik Bindner, and one could hardly find a better man to run things; he is a local guy with many years of experience in the industry and has previously been the manager of a wine bar in Aalborg.

Thus, an experienced wine connoisseur will be in the premises to guide customers.

Although it is the first store Husted Vin opens in Aalborg, they have a relationship with the city; they are a regular supplier of wine to Tabu, Restaurant Emil, Det Tredje Sted, and other North Jutland restaurants.

You can buy wine from classic wine countries (France, Spain, and Italy), as well as the United States and Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Wine at good prices

Asked what Husted Vin is, and what sets them apart from other wine shops, Kenn Husted explains that they have three criteria for the wines they sell.

“We focus mostly on value for money. It must be wine at good prices. Then we focus on the labels being cool. Many people look at the appearance first and choose a wine that stands out from the crowd.

Lastly, the wine must be sustainable,” he says.

American wines have a bad reputation in Europe, but at Husted Vin they focus on selecting high-quality, delicious wines from the continent.

The wines come from the classic wine countries – France, Spain, and Italy – but Husted has also started to look towards Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Georgia.

And then there’s also the United States, which they have become “pretty big on,” as Kenn Husted explains.

Wines from across the Atlantic are not so popular in Europe because they are associated with poor quality and too much sweetness, but if you’re willing to give them a chance, Husted Vin is the place to do it.

“For example, we sell Kung Fu Girl, which is a very American, really delicious wine,” Kenn Husted concludes.

Husted Vin is located at Rantzausgade 5 and is open on Fridays from 15:00 19:00 and on Saturdays from 11:00 to 15:00.

You can read more about Husted Vin here.

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