From climbing to spinning: Many free activities for students

by Ashton Christensen

Who doesn’t want to try something new for free?

If you are not convinced to try on those terms what if we add fun, fellowship, and exercise?

There’s a hard-to-resist special event going on in Aalborg right now.

New students who are enrolled in high school or higher education programs in Aalborg can try various club activities this spring.

The goal is to build new relationships, communities and happy students around healthy activities such as climbing, floorball, and yoga among other things.

Free Aalborg TryOut

How about going straight from your last lesson to the climbing wall at the Climbing Club on Annebergvej?

Or you might fancy fencing. Consider bringing a fellow student to share the experience.

During the Spring, a selected part of Aalborg’s association life is open to new students throughout the municipality.

Aalborg Municipality and education organisations and associations are offering a new round of free activities called Aalborg Try Out.

It has been a great success in previous years, and many students are enjoying new forms of extra-curricular activities.

“I am pleased that we are again offering students an excellent opportunity to experience Aalborg’s rich and varied leisure life.

We want to nudge those who could benefit from healthier and more active communities.

I can only encourage young students to sign up.

Some may be lucky to find a new passion or hobby and at the very least friendship,” Jes Lunde, Councilor for Health and Culture in Aalborg Municipality, says.

From books to fun community

In 2021, the activities were a big success in the post-Corona reboot packages with many students trying new and classic activities.

They are now trying to repeat that success.

You can try numerous activities from February until the end of April.

For example:

Climbing/Bouldering at both GAME Streetmekka Aalborg and Aalborg Climbing Club on Annebergvej

Fencing at Aalborg Fencing Club

Floorball at Skansen

Yoga at Skansen

Spinning at Skansen

Streetbasket at GAME Streetmekka Aalborg

And much more…

See the activities and register for Aalborg Try Out right here.

“All offers are free for students over 12 weeks.

And we’re working hard to make it convenient to participate with classmates right after school.

It can be hard to get going again once you get home from a long day at school.

This Spring, we will focus primarily on sharing our offer at secondary schools. Still, anyone with a student card is welcome to sign up for the activities,” Nadia Tind Hansen, coordinator of Move For Life in Aalborg Municipality, says.

See all free activities and sign up right here

The plan is that Aalborg Try Out will run again after the summer holidays in an even bigger version, which will also be broadcast to higher education.

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