Full-throttle comedy: New Drag Show promises maximum laughs

by Shellie Boudreau

Drag shows are becoming more popular in Aalborg, and the city’s most known drag queen performer, Mizz Privileze, is gearing up for a whole new delivery.

The performer founded the Drag Trio “The Cocktail Destroyers.” The ensemble will visit Aalborg Streetfood on Thursday, June 8th, to entertain you with their “drag comedy show.”

The queens behind the performance say the audience should prepare themselves for an evening full of “laughs, glitter and sexy lip-sync.”

“After our success with Aalborg Drag Fest, I look forward to a show with my two best friends. The entertainment will be full-throttle and to the max,” Mizz Privileze, who has organized larger drag shows at Aalborg Streetfood for the past two years, says.

In April, the event drew an audience of 400 people.

“This show will be more intimate, and it will also be more silly and funnier than our former Streetfood performances.

We look forward to showing you what we can do as an ensemble of three. With over 50 shows together, this show will mark our first time in Aalborg,” Mizz, a born and raised Aalborg native, explains.

Drag battle, public votes winner

So who is in this beautiful ensemble? The trio includes Britney Corvette, who was in the movie Klovn, and Diana Diamond, who became nationally famous after doing a drag show for children at Frederiksberg Library. 

For Diana Diamond, the library event ended with demonstrations, death threats, and interviews from major media outlets.

“This show is only about having fun. We have created the show to give people a good evening, an opportunity to escape into another world, and forget their busy as they transcend into a new landscape,” Diana Diamond says.

The public will also get a chance to join the show.

The audience can request songs for which the three acts will perform and compete for the audience’s favour. The trio calls it “drag battle” and has been perfected at Comedy Zoo in Copenhagen, among other locations.

“We hope people will welcome the show with an open mind. Drag is entertainment for everyone, and we love performing to a mixed crowd.

The most important thing is you join to have fun. Then we’ll take care of the rest,” Britney Corvette assures.

You must be 15 or older to attend the show, and the performance runs from 20.00-22.30 at Streetfood.

Buy your ticket to the Drag Comedy Show here.

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