Get a kilo of clothes for just 250 kr: Huge secondhand market takes over Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo by Ib Sørensen
Photo by Ib Sørensen

Corona has really put a wrench in the works for a lot of things in 2020.

But if you make sure to comply with the current restrictions then it is still possible to hold events.

Next Sunday, the 1st of November, something really exciting is happening in Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) for those who love bargain-hunting.

The creators of the popular Hello Vintage have once again packed their trucks to the brim with gorgeous retro and vintage clothing that would make even Lady Gaga envious and are headed to Aalborg.

This weekend, Hello Vintage welcomes you to come and rummage through the more than two tons of clothes that they’ve brought with them.

Pick-n-mix your own vintage

There’s no need to hold back at this market. The unique thing about Hello Vintage is that you pay for your clothes in the same way that you would pay for your bag of pick-and-mix candy at the supermarket.

Admittedly, the 250 kr per kilogram price tag is a little different than candy but on the other hand, the joy of clothes lasts much longer than a Friday night of snacking – and you’ll also avoid the stomach ache.

According to Hello Vintage, 1 kilo is approximately 4-6 pieces of clothing but there is no minimum purchase. So you can buy as much (or a little) as you want, and the price is always determined by the combined weight.

The range is specially selected according to the hottest fashion trends but at the same time still has classic looks from all the way back to the 70s.

Complying with Covid-19 regulations

Hello Vintage states the following:

You’ll find your own favorite items among the 2.5 tonnes of vintage, retro, and secondhand clothes and pay for it all by weight – 250 kr per kilo with NO minimum purchase – precisely like pick-n-mix candy!

In relation to the current COVID-regulations, they write:

We follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) and are allowed to have up to 140 people in the hall at once.

The hall (Hallen in AKKC) is 800 m2 and there are plenty of possibilities to stand outside – we will also make sure that potential queues at the entrance and checkouts are controlled. There will also be access to hand sanitizer.

What: Vintage Kilo Sale

Where: AKKC

When: Sunday, November 1, 2020, from 12:00 to 16:00

Admission is 30 kr – view the Facebook event here

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